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Perfect Love – from “Alien Journal”

Salene was small and petite.   Ignuts loved her in the dark caverns of his mind. She was like life-giving fluid.  She revived Ignuts from the dead. He felt powerful with her because he could control her.   She obliged his every desire. Salene was a fantasy.  Salene was a corpse.

Ignatius met her one night in his father’s workroom. He was seventeen.
She was a fifteen-year-old victim of Leukemia.  Ignuts was alone in the
mortuary.   He often worked nights when Saul wasn’t around.   When he met Salene she was covered with a sheet.  He could tell she was beautiful. She looked like a holy statue beneath the white cloth.   Ignuts shut the lights in the workroom and lit a candle.  Carefully he turned down the sheet and gazed upon the girl’s lifeless body.  She was too thin and an expression of pain distorted her face.   It had not been an easy death.  Nevertheless Ignuts was entranced.  To him, she was a beautiful Sylph.  He would paint her face and make it smile forever.   He kissed her frozen lips and touched her stiff body. Slowly, as if under a magic spell, Ignuts stripped off his clothes.  He stood naked before his princess.  His penis was hard and swollen with desire.  He climbed onto the metal table with the corpse.  It was very difficult to penetrate Salene.  She was very dry.  He kissed her mouth. He used his hand to open her vagina.  He used lubricant, but it was still difficult.   Ignuts knew it wasn’t her fault.  She was trying to please him.  She was very obedient.

Ignuts kept Salene for two nights.  It was his best memory.  In the end he was forced to give her up for burial.   Ignuts was never deluded to such an extreme that he believed her family could accept their love.   Instead he imagined himself as Romeo torn from the arms of his Juliet.   Salene was his first love and Ignuts was no longer a virgin.