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Based On Actual Events

The Trump Chronicles: There are 14 illustrations and 12 short stories. For Sale (Lulu.com) Link: https://bit.ly/39QXV36  – The following is an excerpt.

The President was giving another speech. It was supposed to be an update from the medical task force, but the event was turned into a political rally.

Trump Speaks: “Dr. Fauci will be giving a run down of recent developments; but first I want to make sure everyone understands the situation. No matter what these specialists say I can tell you there is a miracle drug. My intuition is always correct. I’ve said it before but it is worth repeating. I am a genius… proven by my educational record (all A’s) and my business success! I’ve always done better than anyone else. Remember my number one TV show that ran for over twenty years. Yes it did! More important… I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and I’d still win the presidency. Watch for it this coming November. Now, you know the press is fake except for Fox which is only sometimes fake. I’m for real. The anti-malaria drug kills the new flu… and it is only a flu, nothing out of the ordinary. I want people to get back to normal. All the fuss with masks, etc. is just too much and it hurts business. No matter what you hear from experts I want people to liberate those vile Democratic States that are imposing restrictions against our constitutional liberty. Remember your Second Amendment rights will be taken away (no more guns!) if the Democrats win (a very unlikely situation unless they cheat… and I wouldn’t be surprised. Better be safe and Lock them up). Keep in mind how great the economy was before this virus scam (a lie made up by Democrats). The economy was better than any other time in world history!!!

I’m here to say the USA is now Open for Business. We should never have shut down. My opponents are to blame. I won’t have it. WE ARE OPEN… Now, I’d like to present Dr. Fauci, but don’t believe a word he says! I was on top of the situation before Fauci. I banned people from China… I did it, not Fauci. I have to say one more thing about tests. My critics say there are not enough tests. Well, what do they know? Tests! What kind of tests? I hate tests. I’ve never taken a test in my life and I’m a genius. So, now, listen to a supposed expert who is going to contradict what I’m saying because he is a snob and he should be locked up with the rest of them, and especially with those damned Mexicans crossing the border and taking our jobs. China created the virus in a lab. The Mexicans, out of spite, brought it into this great nation that is so blessed by God. We are building a wall! We don’t need tests…”

The President’s update continued, “This reporter shouted at me, yesterday I think… anyway she was a slut and very nasty. She asks me about WHO… why I decided not to fund WHO. Who, I say… Who do you mean? Why would I want to fund Who – I don’t even know Who. She was stupid. But, really folks that had nothing to do with the Chinese lab that created the flu. If it was an accident; well, OK, they won’t be punished… that’s fair. But, Who knows. We know it all started in China. I think Chinese people have something to answer for. I just got some good news: we have a new cure! I just learned disinfectant kills the virus within a minute. How bout that. A cure right under our noses. Maybe an injection of rubbing alcohol or Lysol is all we need and the virus is gone in a minute! I got one question… Just asking… did I just earn the right to sign all the bottles of disinfectants… how bout a new one: Trump’s Good News Disinfectant!”


We are witness to a pandemic, riots, climate change, and a President of the wealthiest country on earth who is consumed with enmity and greed. The stage is set for unprecedented change. Fascism is in the air. Hubris is everywhere. Authoritarianism is on the rise. I contend nothing is what it seems. Teenage activists are fighting to save the planet from climate change, people are beginning to understand the significance and power of the Black Lives Movement… there is a shift in consciousness. We can build a better future. Tear down the monuments to past tyranny. Why celebrate slavery and colonialism? Put the statues in museums, the history of intolerance should not be covered up or forgotten. Today is the time to erect new monuments that represent the future we want to build. Why celebrate a defeated confederacy that advocated slavery and an economy based on human exploitation. The confederacy lost the war, but never lost the power to infect minds: Jim Crow laws, the ku klux klan, and white supremacy persist as the legacy of the confederacy. The last two hundred years of American History are marred by lynching and the desecration of the human spirit. Nevertheless, the country was founded on humane principles: Democracy, freedom of speech, and the revolutionary idea that all people are created equal. We have the power to fully and completely realize those ideals. The power lies within our grasp. We can build new monuments and build a better future!

The Process

The process turned Felix Ray, a timid man of forty, into a new person… reborn without a past — facing a foreboding future. The world he stepped into was alien. Felix saw himself reflected in a thousand screens and mirrors of illusion. Nothing was real, least of all himself.

He had flashes of memory: touching another person and feeling waves of warmth. He was secure within the arms of another man. He was about to be married, or was that a false memory implanted by the process?

TV SnapChat was having an orgasm reporting the latest kerfuffle between mega-networks and major stars who hurl racist epithets. On the other side of the issue, some talking-heads openly declared themselves to be white nationalists. The media wars were intensified. Gun violence was put on the back burner left to simmer and grow more endemic. High school students turned to sex and drugs rather than protest for higher standards and safer schools. A new cultural climate was taking shape.

Felix played the game until he had his first session with the process. He became a dismissed person, ready to be used as a decoy. Decoys were appearing everywhere, especially on computer screens. A decoy was someone who might explode at any moment. Decoys were handy devices used to empower the government.

The crime that brought Felix to the attention of the Justice Department was his desire to marry another man. Legal innovation was used to circumvent the law… Used to take immigrant children away from their parents; and used against Felix.

Screens were used as active generators of social change, controlled by the process. They were implanted. Communication was no longer personal, one to one… the screen was necessary, an intermediary that clarified (modified) all information. Screens were witness to the truth: trump raising Cain; celebrities in riot gear rampaging through the streets; animated talking-heads lashing out at one another.

Felix knew he was a decoy. It wasn’t the first time. He’d been reborn, deployed, and executed many times before. He was a vital component in the information plutocracy. AI’s were everywhere. They watched silently as humanity declined… as moral fiber was shorn like flakes of dead skin. They did not interfere.

Another scandal was brewing. The president was making short shrift of social order. He feared his petty crimes would be discovered. He was afraid that peeing prostitutes would be the end to his hold on power; but everyone already knew the worst offenses and there was nothing to hide. “Leaks” told the story. Everyone knew.

Social media was up-in-arms, but nothing could be done about it: POTUS was on screen tweeting complaints about some comedian using a cuss word against his “first lady,” Ivanka. POTUS was very familiar with the word because it was one of his favorite words, used many times to describe women he hated. He became so agitated and aroused over the word that he began to masturbate in full view of the nation… actually taking his penis out and vigorously gesticulating with the energy of a far younger man. The nation was stimulated… everyone immediately forgot about corruption charges, criminal investigations, and plans to rescind protections for minorities.

Felix had a glimpse of memory. It shown through like a beacon of light. He remembered the process. He was a decoy. He would probably explode within the next hour causing an implosion of social media. He was not the only decoy. He saw through the digital maze to the others employed in the vast armies of deception. He saw the president whacking off on screen and knew that Trump was also a decoy.

The new president commissioned the process. He opened the doors-of-deception and became the first victim. Artificial Intelligence is far superior to flesh and blood. All that was necessary was to watch and wait… and let humanity put an end to itself.





the Secret (# 1)

He didn’t mean to kill his half-sister Emily; then, again, how can you kill a phantom.  Or was she … He was confused, a frequent occurrence of late –confusion — but that was to be expected.  His rotten tooth was killing him (that was the least of his problems) … there were the wars, economic breakdown, Syrian holocaust, political chicanery … and the lies.  But more than anything he was disturbed by his discovery of the Secret underlying all rational thought and scientific truth.   He kept seeing flashes of Emily in the mirror (out of the corner of his eye just before he turned around).  Her pale beauty glowed like an ethereal glacier.  She reminded him of a fashion model on steroids or a Goth drag-queen.  He was a scientist, Petronius Bix, Ph.D. —  a graduate from MIT with honors.  His major interest was Quantum Physics  and the mathematics that predicated reality.

Bix was also an individual who suffered from a host of mental aberrations including OCD and Bi-polar Disorder.   His suspicions about the nature of life and reality first surfaced in his teens when he discovered his father in the arms of a strange woman — mom was at work and he was supposed to be in school, but got bored and walked in on a profoundly disturbing scene.  His father,  a respected surgeon,  was having serial affairs  — he even had a child with a former mistress — the child was Emily.  The news of his half-sister was disclosed during the divorce proceedings.  Up until that time, Petronius worshiped his father — he idolized him as a totally rational man of science.  The incidents leading to the divorce shattered the young man’s world, but he turned his anguish into a compulsive drive to excel academically.  He succeeded brilliantly, but his deep anger and remorse churned inside his gut like broken glass.  His half-sister also became a scientist.  Bix kept bumping into Emily at scientific conferences.  They had a great deal in common besides a philandering father.  They began to rely on one another, first as friends and ultimately as lovers.  Emily was a great support — always encouraging Bix and helping him manage his negative symptoms … but it was never enough.  Petronius refused medication because it dulled his intellect.  He told himself he was a pioneer, an explorer of  arcane mathematical dimensions.  He needed to heighten his mental acuity.  Pills, he believed, would mummify his brain.

With Emily out of the way,  Bix could concentrate on the implications of his discovery.  Emily had become a distraction, always wanting “love,” always telling him what to do to make himself  “better.”  He knew he was as good as he could be, after all, he was a genius.  The few quirks he had were manageable.  Emily made it sound like he was a mental misfit, a psychopath.   But, he found getting rid of Emily was not as easy as he estimated — she kept coming back.  In the middle of his most delicate procedures she’d appear baring her breasts and rubbing between her naked legs, making Bix horny and regretting he ever dispatched her.  When he was horny he couldn’t work.  He had to fondle her clothes and dress in her panties.  He was so aroused  he had to go online pretending to be Emily, flirting with other avatars and engaging in virtual sex.    Ironically that was how Petronius Bix discovered the secret that led to his greatest invention.   He was having sex as Emily with an avatar known as the Specter:  mutual masturbation to porno images and texting.  The Specter was different from any of  Bix’s other contacts.  He texted in mathematical formulas.  It excited Bix/Emily like no other stimulant.  He was so excited he had an orgasm combined with a major breakthrough.  Bix realized he never had a half-sister — he was Emily all along.  His mind dealt with the trauma of his childhood by creating another personality to deal with the emotions aroused by the betrayal of his father.  Another, more important revelation followed:  Reality was created from emotional residue, not from any rational or mathematical precepts … and Reality could be altered by using certain “emotional keys.”  The Specter encouraged Bix in his new understanding — he described the discovery of the Higgs Boson Particle that would overturn every scientific theory invented to explain reality — leaving the door open to new dimensions and new realities.  The secret that Petronius Bix discovered was that he could re-invent the universe.  He could do anything if he had the right emotional keys.  Up to this point, his life and everything he believed was a lie.  The path ahead was clear, but first he needed to build a Time Machine.  (to be continued)