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Love’s Embrace

When we made love it was truly extraordinary. Each moment was ecstatic. I was submerged in a tidal wave of orgasmic sensations like nothing I’d ever experienced. We met at the end of a pier and at first I was repelled. How could anyone be attracted to something so appalling and gross: a biped with a symmetrical body – two eyes, a nose and mouth – a nightmare of long, curly hair the color of nocturnal mud. Oh, how I was mistaken. My natural instincts carried me away and I found myself absorbing the disgusting creature. My flexuous lips masticated it’s face. I believe the creature moaned when I pronged it with my tail-barb. All this activity drove me wild with abandon and I could not control myself. I felt omnipotent as I consumed the alien and now I know why members of my species are so addicted to humans.