Alien Invasion

(This story is from “The Trump Chronicles.” Free PDF copy of The Trump Chronicles. Enclosed Link to my Drop-box. If you like what you see you can buy the printed book. The link goes directly to 2 PDF files: one for the cover and one for the rest of the book. Drop-Box link:

If you like what you see you can buy the book online at: (click “Bookstore” and search for The Trump Chronicles). Thanks so much, Lee ——————————————————————————

“Everything is going according to plan,” Xanth reported to Captain Roolix,

The first phase is almost complete. Once we gave the Pumpkin Man the shiny metal he became very cooperative.”

Are you certain we don’t have to slap him down… Teach the dog a few tricks?”

He is docile, my Lord.”

Well and good. What’s next on the agenda?”

We seeded the planet. They reacted violently at first. They became more manageable once we gave them the magic cure.”

Is there a cure?”

Of course not. The infection will play itself out. More people will die; but everyone will think they are being cured. They will feel secure and indebted to us.”

Most cunning. Soon I expect we will acquire this inferior race and train them to be obedient pets.”

Yes, my Lord. We will breed them for the qualities we deem desirable. We will give them injections, neuter them, and train them. They will accept us as Master and do our bidding.”

Exceptional. These creatures will make perfect accessories like a fancy hat or purse. They have just enough intelligence to learn a few tricks. Queen Instorque of the Regnallian Regime will be most pleased.”

Sir, we have scoured the universe for three-hundred cycles searching for the perfect pets. These humans with their minimal intelligence are the best we’ve found.”

Our efforts will be rewarded. We will receive Gigas of appreciation and gain greater power in the Regime. We will profit on the products and drugs that keep our new pets manageable. Win-Win.”

News – 2020

“… the alien is here now. Born in this planet, but still an alien, since this is our first encounter with it. Someone that cannot be killed with bullets, yet affects us equally regardless of nationality, religion or class…” The Bazaar

Given the little knowledge we have about its origin and given its rapid spread and massive impact on our lives, Novel Coronavirus is the most fearsome invasive alien species mankind has ever had to confront…” The Hindu

The global COVID-19 death toll surpassed  776,800 as of August 17, with a total of more than 22 million cases. More than 173,660 people have died in the U.S., and more than 2.5 million infections have been confirmed there…” 2020 – The Week

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