The disconnected voice fulminated over the cell-phone speaker, “Our lives are fractured and disjointed, filled with snippets and distorted images smeared across multiple screens. The only unifying element is the necessity to sell something to a mass audience. Everyone is numb to the constant static. At the same time we all feel the necessity to stay connected to digital devices that can only add to deep seeded alienation in a world where “screens” replace people. Our humanity has been reduced to narcissistic desires and obsessions with celebrity and money. This has certainly contributed to the growth of terrorist agencies bent on world domination and to the lone-wolves seeking fame by committing mass murder in the name of a cause based on illusions and solipsism.”





  1. Phil Polizatto

    I gasp for air. Your words are so gloriously and disturbingly phrased, I am breathless. I just wrote a 2100 word article trying to say the same thing you did in one beautiful, passionate, flowing paragraph. I am still using training wheels, I guess.

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