Adamain Montique was a man who walked through walls, a skill that came in handy when he needed to make a quick escape. Adamain was always trying to escape, vacillating like the flickering image on a movie screen. He never amounted to much. His parents decided he was an atavistic throwback, something from the antediluvian past of human development. It was true: Adamain refused to become post-human like his parents. The world was hurtling into the future, turning ordinary worker bees into fodder for the one-percenters like Mildred and Horst who were very disappointed in their son.

Suddenly worlds collided. Adamain drank the obligatory suicide-tea with the rest of the malcontents. Life was upended. He walked through walls trying to escape, but he ran into himself. A switch was thrown and a paradox resulted. Adamain gave birth to himself, an exact clone. The clone, however, was different. He supported the power elites and enjoyed the perks of post-humanity: an abundance of screens to watch and virtual worlds to explore.

The paradox had many unexpected side effects. Reality began to shift and crumble. The election results were skewered in favor of the one man responsible for the post-human world. He always wore a disguise. He never revealed his true name. He bore the demeanor of a benevolent entrepreneur, but at night he consulted with minions and advisers who had peculiar ideas about changing the world. He was guided by one particular adviser, Magid Orlow, a woman with a brain and irresistible breasts. She recently graduated from the Institute of Technology. She fancied herself to be an evil genius (“why,” she pondered, “should men always have the juicy roles”). Magid easily manipulated the foul mouthed businessman. She molded him. He gladly invested his enormous wealth in Magid’s arcane experiments.

There is nothing like a shift in consciousness to distort the molecular structures that comprise our perceptions of reality. Electrons can be in two places at once. Tachyons can move faster than the speed of light. Adamian Montique enjoyed sexual congress at the Valhalla VR Luxury Spa when he suddenly realized he was having sex with himself. Sex with yourself can be traumatic especially in VR with your very own clone. Adamain was literally caught with his pants down, staring down at himself while his brain slowly began to burn. Some might say he had a stroke as the result of too much stimulation.

The Brocade Palace was grown from a bio-luminescent pearl manufactured in a California sweat shop. The palace grew to impossible proportions resembling an enormous spiral shell. During the several minutes it took to mature, the palace achieved self-awareness. The Brocade Palace prepared an exquisite feast to celebrate the moment of birth. We were all invited. The main course consisted of a perfectly braised Adamain Montique and his clone. Additional courses featured all the other characters and posers from his world. As guests we were instructed to eat wisely and with relish.




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