Guns in the City

Everyone in the city had a gun. Life expectancy was low. A gunslinger named, Dieter Andover, was special: he was still above ground at the age of forty-two. The only other people who made it past thirty were men of extreme wealth, a very small group. A committee of concerned citizens was formed to discuss Dieter’s fate — he was an anomaly who threatened the stability of the city. Corporate interests depended on a continuous flow of blood money. Gun battles were the mainstay of the economy providing young corpses everyday. Dieter refused to be killed — he was known as “dead eye” because his aim was so precise. What concerned the concerned citizens most was that Dieter only killed when absolutely necessary. Other gunslingers were beginning to copy Dieter’s style; as a result they were staying alive longer and that was bad for the economy.

The concerned citizens were men of means who benefited from the status quo. They were like a many-headed Hydra suckling at the tits of giant corporations. Civil rights legislation was expanded to give a Corp. the same rights as an individual. The concerned citizens believed they were entitled to benefits provided by the Corp. because they sacrificed members of their own families to be slaughtered in the arenas of capitalist enterprise.

The authorities became extremely agitated after Dieter gave his sermon on Boot Hill.

Dieter’s sermon went like this, “lay down your guns. It’s time to stop killing.” At first everyone thought it was a ruse — just a way for Dieter to make people less guarded so he could take more of them out. Nevertheless, the concerned citizens were nervous. A reward was offered for the head of Dieter Andover, but no pay-out was great enough to entice anyone to go against “dead eye.”

This story could end one of two ways: either Dieter is shot, sprawled dead in the street, mowed down by hired guns and corporate lackeys; or, people start listening to what Dieter said in his Boot Hill sermon — in that case, guns are lowered and a sense of freedom and security takes hold; of course, the concerned citizens and their corporate sponsors will set out to slaughter the renegades. The winner gets to rewrite history.

City guns



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