First Person

Archival Information: He was a teenager when he impaled himself on a cross trying to emulate Jesus. He didn’t die, but there was a fair amount of blood. He loved a girl named Anna Beth, but she wanted more than he could give. He was impotent. Jesus never answered his prayers so he tried to crucify himself. His name was Edmund Grey.

Start Message: “I am known as First Person, Present Tense and I have a story to tell. I can speak freely now that I’m no longer encumbered by a physical body. I may skip around (due to technical difficulties) but if you are patient the story will unfold and dramatically effect your life. I used to be Edmund Grey… no doubt you’ve heard that name.”

We interrupt this broadcast with the rebroadcast of Orson Wells 1939 radio drama, “War of the Worlds.” Please stand by… Aliens have landed…

“What if it wasn’t fiction. What if it was all true and just covered up with propaganda and special effects to look like dramatic entertainment. What if everything you think you know is a lie. Of course you could continue living and acting for the rest of your life but it would be based on false premises and totally meaningless. That’s exactly what happened to me, Edmund Grey: a life built on false premises.

“I’m the man who wanted to save the world. My company, Systems Inc. was given billions by the Environmental Protection Agency. There was a war going on: a war on Climate Change. Governments finally agreed the planet was heating up due to the overuse of fossil fuels and dirty manufacturing techniques. I counted on solutions developed by our top scientists to ameliorate the problems. I was a fool. There are no simple solutions and war is never an answer. The company built giant shades to float above the earth to modify the sun’s heat and block harmful rays. The shades were constructed with self-replicating nanites. The tiny machines went haywire due to ultraviolet exposure — they began to replicate unconditionally until the Earth was enclosed by an impenetrable shell.

“No doubt you’ve concluded I’m deranged. Nothing so dramatic as I’ve described has happened in your world. Your life continues as it always has. You may have heard my name in a news story about a wealthy entrepreneur who disappeared without a trace. You are convinced climate change was never a serious threat.

“They did something to me: put my consciousness into a machine and pressed play. I’m here to set the record straight: your whole life has always been based on lies. You don’t know who you are or where you came from. You merely theorize and play make believe. Just as you have forgotten the Aliens, you’ve forgotten everything else. I can tell you now: it ended a long time ago for you as an individual and as a species. You’ve been dead for millennia (an illusion deluded by lies).”

1st Person


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