The Last Apocalypse

Jayden survived the last Apocalypse. It started when something crawled out of the drain in the kitchen sink. Jayden knew it was the beginning of the end. He was in high school at the time. He was an ordinary student, always trying to fade into the background. Jayden was gay and did not want to be discovered. He lived in a small town and his parents were Evangelical Preachers. He knew how they felt about gays — and realized he had to keep his identity secret if he was to remain in his parent’s home. The last Apocalypse changed everything. His father, Reverent Right-Rick, predicted the date -– and his mother, Reverend Evelyn, sang hosannas for the coming End of the World. It wasn’t the first time. Reverend Right predicted The End on two other occasions — nothing happened. Oddly, his flock grew with each failed prediction. People needed to believe that life would soon be over and all hardships would dissolve as they were Raptured up to Heaven.

The last Apocalypse was different — it crawled out of the kitchen sink like a noxious green fog with legs — it hissed like a cobra. When Jayden awoke, his parents were gone — the whole town disappeared. The world opened before him like the maw of Hell, but it wasn’t what Jayden expected… there were no demons and no one seemed to be writhing in pain. The world was left to all the degenerates and perverts… and they were having a party. Jayden started college and eventually became an innovative designer. People say the world never ended… that Jayden merely left town and moved to Los Angeles to start a new life — but Jayden knows the truth. The night he left home he saw the whole town enveloped in flames.




    • leebalanarts

      Peggy, the end is mostly symbolic. You have to decide for yourself what it means. Did Jayden burn down the town? Did God punish the town due to their hubris and bigotry? Was the fire and destruction merely in Jayden’s imagination?


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