He awoke in the middle of the night bothered by dreams and memories. He went into the living-room and sat in the recliner. It was 3 a.m. His name was Blue and he was covered in faux fur. Blue was an oversized Teddy Bear. Blue never felt comfortable as a Teddy Bear. There were too many expectations and obligations. He was expected to be cuddly and always friendly, but Blue was not a convivial stereotype. He was different. He always knew it, but he never knew how different he was until he murdered his first victim, a frog that lived by the pond in the back garden. He never intended to harm the frog, but “Froggy” was a pest — always complaining. Blue could never stop Froggy’s squawking, so one day Blue stepped on the small amphibian, crushing it to death. It felt good. The faux bear would never be the same again. Blue took an interest in anatomy and the art of dissection. No creature was safe in Blue’s garden. The word spread quickly and soon there were no animals anywhere near Blue’s home. The bear didn’t really mind because he had matured and developed other interests — he was dating a doll named Sasha who came from a cabbage patch. She was everything a Blue Bear could want: beautiful, intelligent, and sweet natured. Sasha always wore pink, a color that perfectly complimented Blue’s faux fur. The couple loved going on picnics. Sasha always packed Blue’s favorite foods: honey and pie. Blue was falling in love. He wanted more than honey and pie. Blue wanted to get between Sasha’s pretty legs, but she refused. Sasha was a virgin, saving herself until she was safely married. She always dreamed of a silver wedding, celebrated with pink lemonade, candied fairies, and lollipop desserts. Blue could never afford such an elaborate wedding and he sulked. Sasha couldn’t understand Blue’s depression. The bear was making her feel sad. She couldn’t stand being sad so she began to play around. Sasha just wanted to have some fun. Blue caught them in the hot tube together. It was foolish for Sasha to bring the Tin Soldier to the hot tube in Blue’s back yard. She just wanted to make Blue a little jealous so he would snap out of his funk. Blue was enraged. He had Daddy’s gun tucked away in Moma’s old dowry chest. First he’d get the gun, then he’d go on a rampage. He’d kill the Tin Soldier and Sasha — he’d kill everyone! A tear appeared in the corner of his eye. It was the last tear Blue would ever shed.


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