Reflections-The Stone (# 13)

Aaron had a brother who was his only savior. They lived in a small town on the edge of Slag City. Dad never left the house. He was diagnosed as agoraphobic — he was lost in his own world, a place he found more compatible than the real world. He was always working on some incomprehensible theory or contraption. He was never part of Aaron’s life. Mom supported the family, but she harbored resentment and anger. The brothers were often the target of her anger. They were fraternal twins, Daniel was slightly older. Daniel was the first to leave. He started running with a gang called The Night Flashers, a gang that only connected in virtual reality on the internet. He spent all his time blading across electronic fast lanes and interfacing with digital shadows and avatars. He spent less time with Aaron — then, Daniel was gone. No one knew where he went. Mom was hysterical and blamed dad who didn’t seem to care — he was oblivious to mundane reality. Mother became infuriated and took it out on Aaron. She wanted to control the boy so he wouldn’t disappear. She wanted to make Aaron her surrogate — a sweet boy who never disobeyed. She embarrassed him when he acted up. He was a teenager but he was treated like a baby, forced to wear diapers or dresses. He was called names and spanked if he tried to defend himself. Aaron became compliant, but never totally helpless. He had a friend. Aaron was split. When mother pushed him too far, Aaron left the world and became another person who could deal with pain by blocking out reality. His other self was like a guardian angel. The angel rescued Aaron every time he was bullied. The angel grew stronger and began to surface more often, taking over whole segments of Aaron’s life. Aaron would wake up to discover he beat-up someone he hardly knew. One night he woke up to find out he broke his mother’s arm. He discovered an ugly truth: when he blacked-out he became a monster who regularly beat his mother. He knew it had to stop. He had to leave before he killed her. Aaron appealed to his angel who was now so strong he no longer existed in Aaron’s mind — he was a separate being and his name was Mr. Hamm. Before Hamm separated from Aaron, he grew roots like a tree. The roots were like metal cabals that reached down below the earth like serpents until they reached Red City. Power from the City flowed through the roots into Mr. Hamm and gave him the strength to become a separate entity. The sinister Mr. Hamm took Aaron by the hand and led him to Red City where the boy became an apprentice to Rufus Thyme. Aaron lost part of his mind, his memories were distorted and his last name was changed from Belcross to Keepx. Daniel’s last name was also changed from Belcross to Ot and his memories also distorted. They didn’t remember who they were before Red City. They didn’t know they were brothers. (reference stories: “Reflections # 9” and “The Stone # 2”)
(to be continued)
13 Stone


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