Stone # 6

All his friends lived in Manhattan, inside a computer game called, “go go” where Thomas Ingg could be anyone, anything. He consented to have his life uploaded into the world of go-go. Everything about Thomas Ingg was now for sale. His family was placed on the auction block. Thomas relinquished all privacy rights in order to have a second life in go-go.

Thomas popped down to the Chevalier, a club on the Neon Strip, where he intersected with Veranda Moss, his paramour. She was digitally enhanced with exploding tits, a mega performer at the club. Thomas shagged her while debating with Gorman Rip about the importance of nasal implants to heighten the virtual experience. Simultaneously, Thomas engaged in dangerous cuisine with Marbell Lewis and Argent Pew at the fabulous Haute-Haute Dinning Palace while the orchestra played, “Undesirable You” to the gouging gyrations of Dance Bingo. Thomas was living the High-Line life. He could be anyone and do anything. He had connections: Computer Zella, Bella Ray Phone, Wrist Switch, Helmet App, Googly Glass, Man-up body resonator, and Triple-D Gonzo applicator. He was a virtual god, but he didn’t eat and he didn’t sleep–his parents were at wit’s end. Mom and dad paid the check, erased the debt, and purchased an intervention for their only son. Jupiter Fogg performed the intervention using his newly developed Mind Sweeper. By eliminating certain recesses in the brain the mind reverted back to the straight and narrow. The intervention was a success and Thomas Ingg no longer craved go-go. However he continued to be enthralled with digital devices. His interest led to a career in computer science. After an apprenticeship with Magnus Herm, The Bishop at Krull, Inc, Thomas went to work for the Red Hub Corporation.

Thomas fondly remembered his wedding to Elzbeth Duran, but that’s where the fondness ended. It was a troubled marriage. He had too many fantasies, temptations and resentments banging on the inside of his skull. She was woe begotten because the marriage was childless. “I love you honey,” she crooned while Thomas sat glumly unresponsive. “Why don’t you talk anymore,” she sighed. “I give you everything. I’m yours completely.”

“Yes, momma, I love you,” the mekanical doll on Elzbeth’s lap spoke up. Elzbeth cooed and hugged the doll to her bosom. Thomas could no longer look at his wife and her menagerie of mek-dolls. It had been years since she had a normal conversation with another person. The dolls had become her family, her life. When they divorced, Elzbeth hardly noticed. She became a recluse, totally dependent on the money Thomas paid as part of a divorce settlement. The judge ruled that Thomas was the cause for his wife’s deteriorating mental health. Thomas didn’t argue simply because he didn’t want to see Elzbeth living on the street with a shopping cart full of mek-dolls.

Thomas was employed by Red Hub. The company was a privately owned firm that worked exclusively for the Archons who ruled Red City. Thomas wrote codes used for computer surveillance. Privacy no longer existed. Everyone was treated like a terrorist. An unmitigated attack by the group known as “Harlequin-beat Angel” prompted the new policies. Thomas hated his job. He saw too much: increased violence, forced military service, citizens arrested and tortured without a trial–all based on surveillance and heightened security. He was too afraid to speak up. He knew the tentacles of Red Hub reached into every crevice of society. He knew about the secret in the basement, built from human body parts and mechanical enhancements–some sort of super-soldier exploding-device. Thomas bided his time and waited for the day when he would be free–the day of his retirement. Over the years he built a stockpile of survivalist supplies.

There was no farewell party when Thomas Ingg retired. No speeches. No cake. Nothing except a form to fill out, but Thomas was ecstatic. His new home was a room he built in the cellar. Concrete blocks sheltered him from the outside world. He had stored enough dry food and water to last for several years. Thomas recently invented a new computer based on the cutting edge, arcane-science developed at Red Hub Corp. He needed as much virtual power as possible in order to develop his new computer language, RB (Reality Break). He was able to abscond with the core of his new invention when he left Red Hub. He felt safe in his shelter. The new language was rhapsodic, a digital mirror of the ancient Kabala. RB was a black hole sweeping through time and infinite dimensions. Thomas became a new person. He chose a new name: Sindhar Golgol. The name reflected his new station in life: a master monk who existed outside Time and Space, who could control the birth and death of worlds. (to be continued)

Number 7


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