the Stone (#2)

The Night Flashers were a group of teenagers who speed-bladed across the electronic Fast-lanes of the Internet collecting personas, avatars, and bogus identities. “Zass Crazzy,” Jonny Bone liked to shout when he was feeling the rush of adrenalin-addled Speed kick. Daniel Ot was part of the flasher crew along with Cream Carmella and Tonga Zip. They were living on hyper-actualization-jolts and vitality zingers. The Night Flashers greatest thrill was worm-holing into alternate dimensions. Nothing was real – everything was Super Real – until it broke. Daniel Ot was stranded. Alone for the first time in six years. His mother threw him out when he was ten because she couldn’t control him. She hated his small penis – not envy, just enmity. Danny was adopted by the Night Flashers and they became his family. Until it broke.

He was alone, frightened, and vulnerable. Daniel was surrounded by an impenetrable cloak, the darkness at the center of a black hole. He was falling into the pit so hard and fast that he reached out for anything or anyone that offered the mere suggestion of hope.

A voice attached to an email floated to the surface of Daniel’s mind. “Hello little boy. I can save you.” The licorice voice belonged to Bondeer Saville, a sorceress who lived in the blood-red currents that split off from wireless transmissions. Daniel collapsed from an overheated exchange of boundless promise offered by the mysterious Bondeer. When he awoke he was naked, prostrate and bound at the feet of the sorceress. She laughed at her helpless prey. “Now, you belong to me. Everything you were no longer exists. Everything you want no longer matters.” Daniel tried to rebel, but he was always slapped down. He became enmeshed with the machinations of the venerable sorceress. He became her slave. Bondeer mocked Daniel and put him on display as a weak, ineffectual misfit. The humiliation continued until his spirit was broken. Daniel was no longer himself. He began to crave the attention of Bondeer Saville and he would do anything she demanded. The boy was seeded with a growing love for the sorceress. He was bonded to her. Until it broke.

At another juncture, Daniel married Pricilla Gemp. She wasn’t very pretty but she was faithful to Daniel and he appreciated her support. Daniel was not very good at getting jobs. Pricilla was the wage earner. It was difficult raising two children along with an increasingly non-functional Daniel. Nothing seemed to work for Daniel. “I still love you,” Pricilla told him, but that seemed to make Daniel more miserable. He enjoyed drinking and fell asleep every night with a bottle in his hand. In his nightmares, worlds were colliding and strangers were moving in to occupy the space in Daniel’s head.

After surgery, Daniel Ot was not himself. The operation was performed in Second Life’s Remedial Rotunda. Dr. Saville controlled the robot surgeons. Snippets of brain tissue were removed and replaced with embryonic stem cells. Saville took a few liberties by poking her fingers into Ot’s exposed brain to see how he might react. Nothing – no reaction. The operation was a success.

Daniel Ot slipped off the Operation Platform and fell through a crack in space. He awoke in Red City. This time he wasn’t going anywhere – the charm was set. Daniel was an apprentice to Jupiter Fogg. The old Alchemist saw potential in Daniel: He would make the perfect sacrifice to unleash the power of the Philosophers Stone.  (to be continued)

Daniel & Nun




  1. randolph

    Lee, this is excellent writing and deliciously imaginative. Your writing just seems to be getting better and better. (I must confess, I havent been following this blog as much as I’d like to because I’ve been so involved w/ my own work.) I found this segment (part 2) easier to read than the the first (which I read after this one), maybe because the paragraphs were shorter, not so dense. There’s just so much amazing material in your stories, and your incredible imagination sails at such a clip, that the simple technique of paragraph breaks helps me absorb it all. I really hope this will result in a book I can hold in my hand to read, picking it up and putting it down at will and in keeping w/ my self-imposed schedule.

    Btw, I love the above image. Oh, and I have to say the names of your characters blow me away! They dont seem contrived but completely in keeping w/ the controlled hysteria of the content.


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