#5 The Dinner Guest

In this chapter we are confronted with the question of Family Values. We will be visiting the Krone family as they await the arrival of an important dinner guest. You may have heard of Hamilton Krone, the patriarch of the family, a man of sterling reputation. Hamilton felt like a man in a cage. His life wasn’t adding up as planned. He felt he was locked inside someone else’s head which made him extremely anxious. He often relieved his anxiety by belittling his wife and son. Eugenia Blossom-Krone was Hamilton’s adoring wife. She was timid and obedient, but lurking inside her mind was a monster. Eugenia hated kowtowing to her husband and son, but she couldn’t stop. She prayed for her monster to be free. Charlie Z (the name he chose for himself) was a good son. He worked hard to make his parents proud. Charlie had a sweet nature, but he was plagued by evil thoughts that were out of his control. The family lived in a well built house, a home that was safe from the corruption of the outside world.

“When will he arrive,” Charlie Z asked trying to distract his mind from images of animal dissection.

“He’ll get here on his own time. He doesn’t kowtow to anyone,” Eugenia stated trying to hide the anger that distorted the sound of her voice.

“Do I have to put up with this crap,” Hamilton began his rampage and continued, “stupid questions — rattling on about nothing. I know the man. He is coming as a favor to me. He is in charge and that’s all there is to it!”

The family was not sitting in their familiar kitchen warmed by the hearth. They were at the restaurant where they were instructed to wait for the guest of honor. The Cafetorium was in a posh suburb of Red City. Only certain select individuals were allowed to enter the Cafetorium — and then they needed a recommendation from a member of the elite establishment. The Krones had the best possible reference from Ameil Scentt, the guest of honor. The family sat at an oblong table covered with fine linen, expensive china, and chrome cutlery. The elaborate interior of the restaurant was daunting. Eugenia thought the decor was frigid as if the room was carved from ice, but oddly she felt comforted by the cold. Hamilton felt hot as if he were trapped inside the body of a dead animal. Charley Z couldn’t help himself — he grabbed his cock inside his tight dress pants and started rubbing until he was rock hard. He felt great especially when his mind started playing images of car crashes and dismemberments. Then he was overcome by shame and he shut down, staring without blinking like a zombie.

Waiters were everywhere, obsequious and obliging: filling glasses and offering plates of delicacies. Some of the waiters were wiping the chins of patrons (why should these elite clients have to lift a finger was the modus operandi). They all wore white, ravishing outfits that revealed bulges, breasts, asses and erections. Some of the waiters carried unusual utensils — objects that might be found in a dentist’s office. Of course the restaurant was known for exotic cuisine in order to achieve a truly unique culinary experience. Molecular Gastronomy was part of the intoxicating foray that was featured. Some of the waiters were chefs dressed like scientists and using scalpels and butane torches. The Krone family was caught in a whirlwind of activity. Waiters danced around the Krones trying to keep them comforted and entertained while they waited for Ameil Scentt who was both the guest and host for the evenings activities. (to be continued)

Family Dinner


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