Night Station – 2

The Engineers who operated the Night Station were Caretakers who maintained the equipment. They were also trained to deal with the limits of life and death through the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. Dr. Ameil Sentt was the managing director. He invented the machine that kidnapped minds. Unsuspecting people were used as guinea pigs — their minds were simply stolen. Ameil no longer had a physical body. He was an electronic simulation. He was a brilliant manager because he no longer felt remorse or empathy. All the engineers that worked for Amiel were ruthlessly screened and tested for allegiance to the ideals of the Night Station. The Engineers strictly adhered to orders as if they were walking zombies. When the power went out in the neighborhood, the Night Station woke up. An internal generator was ignited and the Radiant Lamps were illuminated. Lightning arced above the station and the Engineers flickered like dancing flames.

Miss Blossom enjoyed her work at the Night Station. It wasn’t too difficult as long as you kept your mind to yourself and followed orders. She particularly enjoyed the experiments. Miss Blossom used to be a school teacher until she got in trouble for the heavy handed punishment she frequently used on her teenage subjects. She was a big woman so it wasn’t too difficult to lay a fifteen-year-old across her lap and whip ass.  She believed her regimen of punishment was necessary to redeem dull or uncooperative teens. Boys particularly had to be harnessed and taught to obey. It was only coincidental that Miss Blossom also enjoyed the sounds of whimpering. Of course society was not ready for her advanced teaching techniques. She was fired and lambasted in the press. Miss Blossom felt betrayed by the world. Having been brutalized as a child she came to realize it was for her own good and now it was her responsibility to punish others the way she was punished. Feeling totally misunderstood and bereft Miss Blossom contemplated suicide, then she contemplated murder. She could easily take out a classroom with an AK-47; then, again, she really didn’t like guns — they were too impersonal — she preferred cudgels, fists and whips. She was extremely frustrated and started cutting into her own flesh. Fortunately her I-phone lit up with an intriguing message from Dr. Ameil Sentt, “Miss Blossom — we have been searching for a person of your high caliber to become part of a visionary program to benefit society. Come to the Night Station.” A map was included with directions. Miss Blossom was elated. (to be continued)

Night Station 2


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