Crossroads Three

Sydney Ranclover became Ameil’s slave. Some people would call the arrangement “passive-aggressive.” Sydney was always the “bottom” and did anything Ameil wanted. They met in a computer lab when Ameil was working on his doctorate degree. In less than a week Sydney confessed love for Ameil, “I’ll do anything for you.” Ameil enjoyed being in a position of power over someone who begged for his attention. Sydney’s obvious desire was intoxicating. Ameil’s response was purposely nasty, “Don’t worry–I’ll use you whenever it’s absolutely necessary.” Sydney sulked, not content with cold favor.  The relationship grew far beyond sex. Sydney became an assistant and surrogate. Sydney’s gender was somewhere between male and female, designed to have the best attributes of both sexes.  HeShe was designed by Ameil to be an advanced operating system and computer interface. Ameil picked the name for his creation from a book about an arctic explorer who was lost in the ice. He designed Sydney to be an interlocutor between himself and death. Ameil was working on an app to escape death. He became a programmer for a small firm on the outskirts of Silicon Valley–it was a failing company that provided just enough income and free time to shelter Ameil so he could pursue his romance with Sydney.  Together they would rewrite the code that made death inevitable. They were determined to develop an app for immortality. (to be continued)

Belly of Beast


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