I will tell this story to the best of my ability. The story may jump around and pause in places that are incomprehensible and strange; but, in the end the characters and plots will pull together like a cat’s cradle. I am merely the story’s narrator, a prop device in the telling of the tale that began with a visit to Madame Slovatka, a reputed psychic. I was curious because my friend Ameil was so impressed with her fortune-telling before he disappeared. I thought Slovatka might have some insight as to what transpired. In truth, I had no faith in psychic phenomenon. I considered greed and fraud to be the culprit in Ameil’s disappearance and I thought Madame Slovatka was the prime candidate as the criminal perpetrator. I was mistaken. The seance was held after hours in a modern retail-outlet that sold computers and smart devices. I had expected a gothic mansion with cheesy accoutrements. Slovatka was a vamp in a black leotard. She owned the computer store and did readings as a passtime, a quirky hobby that spiced up her life (or so she explained). She told me that Ameil was a man in a box. He was no longer in this world. I was baffled, but as a narrator my role must come to an end. The story continues on the outside of this communication environment – where the reader becomes a character in this story about the man in a box. (to be continued)

Solarize CIty



  1. maxrandolph

    This is excellent, Lee. Am looking forward to the next installment, though a little nervous about being a character in this story, hehe! But what I want to say is that I find the writing here masterful, sure of itself in a way that draws me in rather than just asking me to look through a veil at a whimsical or absurd narrative (which, come to think, is something I may be guilty of). Part, though assuredly not all, of the piece’s success (to my mind) may have to do w/ your telling the story from a first person perspective, which I think you dont often do.


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