Lights appeared in the sky after years of darkness. People in the city were confused and frightened. No one knew the meaning of the lights or what they foretold. Rumors led to a conversation between city officials to try and decipher the situation.

Mr. Attabee was a dark man who lived in the shadows. He watched and listened to the conversation. He absorbed the words and spat out negative shapes that added to the fear generated by the unusual circumstances. Mr. Attabee didn’t intend to be a monster…it was just an inevitable result of his peculiar birth. He was following the codes imprinted in his DNA. He no longer questioned his role or the reasons why he administered pain and created chaos. He reasoned that someone had to be the cause of death in order for life to continue–but, Attabee was just as confused by the lights in the sky as everyone else in the city. For the first time in recorded history, Light existed where once there was only darkness. Mr. Attabee listened intently to the conversation, absorbing every idea, digesting the words and dashing every glimmer of hope or understanding. He feasted on his ability to wield control and accumulate power. Nothing was off limits.

Emily and Robin sat in a small boat in the middle of a crystal pond that glowed from the lights in the sky as they were reflected in the water. They were heedless of the controversy that fragmented the city. War drums could be heard as the city expanded. The whole economy depended on the escalation of war. The Lights provoked fear of the unknown adding to the ferocity of the battling forces. War was the only stability people could depend on. Emily and Robin smiled in contemplation of the forthcoming blood bath. They were conceived in a laboratory, neutered and released into the wild. It was Roy Attabee’s attempt to create a super soldier without the capacity to feel emotion. He was father. He snipped genes from shark embryos to create his progeny. Fish genes were altered to fortify stamina and regeneration. Attabee spawned killers with no conscience. The Lights broke through a shell that protected Emily and Robin causing a reversal in genetic structure. The soldiers merged into one another and returned to the sea.

Crypto-genesis was a concept Roy Attabee contemplated as he pressed the start key on his new digital device. He didn’t know what it meant. He only knew that new devices were making his life far more entertaining. Wireless automatons were enhancing life and expanding information technologies. New worlds were created–portals that never existed before were opened into other dimensions. One moment Roy was a homeless vagabond begging for food to survive; next moment he was the embodiment of power who controlled a ruthless city. He spent all his money on the machines that gave him access to alternate realities. His body was suffering from lack of food and water, but his mind was free to unleash diabolical schemes in a virtual world. He was hooked to devices: phones, tablets, keyboards, eye-gear, sensory gloves, batteries, and digital armor. He wandered the streets in one reality like an automaton, joining homeless zombies hooked into webs of digital networks–beaten and starving, but delirious with digitally-generated joy. A person could live forever in a virtual world…until, of course, Nature reasserted itself and the Lights from one world seeped into another. The Lights changed everything. Mr. Attabee, the dark man, was fed to the fish in one world–in another world, Roy Attabee  stumbled from lack of food and fell off the end of a pier. People continued to tap at devices, caught in the digital web.



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