Snap – Level 5 (part 2)

Billy was trapped on Level 4. He didn’t know about the Centipedes. He was fighting a rampaging killing machine known as SAM (symbiotic arthropodal metastasis ). The machine was constructed from living organisms and it had one mission: absorb all life. Billy wore a suit of artificial skin that protected his true identity. Billy’s teammates were all dead. He had one remaining weapon: the Heart Of Fire. It could only be used once – the weapon would reset the parameters of reality, but the result was always unknown: things could improve or get worse. Dr. Sam was swimming in the Elegaic Sea – he was the interface in the game platform. He was also a serial killer, part of SAM. He swam like a prehistoric shark, a creature with armored skin and two heads. He consumed everything in his path leaving a wake of desolation.  He cozied up to Billy with an offer of peaceful coexistence in the Online Multiplayer Gaming World.  It was a snark, shark attack. Billy was caught off guard, but he managed to flip the switch and reset reality – everything was about to change for better or worse.

Dalia stared like an insect with multi-faceted eyes.  She was in the pit with Gordon and the Centipedes. Gordon’s Master was enormous, fully engorged and erect. It had a bloated, red thorax. Gordon was naked, on all fours like a dog. He was also erect, excited by the scent emanating from the horde of giant insects. Dalia felt excitement coursing through her body like a hit from a stun gun. The scene was hypnotic and she feared she was losing her grasp on reality. The pit was a mud hole with walls made from fecal matter. the floor was a shallow swamp with red insects, larvae, swimming in the scum.  Gordon was coaxed to caress the Centipedes thorax and lick the insect’s abdomen. Dalia was compelled to push and prod Gordon into more extreme acts of perversion. Fluids were exchanged. Sexual organs were manipulated. The chittering of giant Centipedes filled the pit like a million exploding clocks. The nights were replete with inter-species orgies. Just before dawn the humans returned home and the normal work day proceeded as if nothing changed. After work, people watched TV and ate frozen dinners. Children were encouraged to do homework. To protect the illusion of sanity, people had to blot out the perversions of the night.

The Centipedes came to the planet for practical reasons – to mine new resources to sustain a growing population. The Earth provided resources along with an indigenous population to do the labor of mining and manufacturing. Something went seriously awry during the campaign of planetary domination. The scent of human meat sizzled the brains of the Aliens. Centipedes, driven by instinctual impulses, devolved. Thousands of Centipedes snapped resulting  in ritualistic behavior that predated any technological advancements.  The once advanced Centipedes became addicted to sex with their human slaves. The two species became more enmeshed with one another. Human and Centipede: cohabiting – interbreeding – consuming one another.  

Billy flipped the switch and everything changed. He was part of the change and could not discern what happened. An outside observer like Dr. Sam could easily see the changes. He smiled, a shark’s smirk. Humans had several extra appendages and  bloated abdomens. The scent of sex permeated the hovels where people lived and rutted in the mud.  The world was denuded, laid to waste. Cannibalism was rampant. There was only one remaining city in the world – Red City.



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