In Name Only

TowerWebThe skyscraper rose above the earth like a metal monolith. It contained a city with flickering neon walls flashing corporate logos and spiral autobahns that carried traffic throughout the structure. Cublicles inside the building contained the residents who were hooked into the electronic dream-web. The building was very exclusive. The price of admission was severe mental illness. The top floors were reserved for the most criminally insane. The structure was the largest asylum on Earth. The definition of mental illness depended more on politics than psychiatry. Anyone could be condemned depending on the prevailing ruling-authority. Originally the structure was built as an exclusive playground for the extremely wealthy. It was called, Heaven. After the economic down-turn the corporate owner defaulted and the building was repossessed by the government. The luxurious condos were gutted and locked cages were installed. It was a prison and since all criminals were categorized as mentally defective the building became an asylum. It was still called “Heaven.”


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