Flash Memory

Cedron was disassembling, falling apart, and the process was driving him crazy. It began when he was an adolescent and it became more virulent with age. It began as a quest, a search for identity, his own. He was forty-eight now — reassessing his life and the final outcome of his lifelong quest. His mind was flooded with memories, some imagined and some realized. He remembered flaming-out on drugs when he was in college. The pressure of being a PhD candidate was too much. Drugs helped: he performed better and he was less anxious, but there were side effects. The new “designer drugs” effected his sex drive, making him extremely horny but unable to have an orgasm. He was bisexual and he experimented with a wide range of partners, but to no avail. After receiving his Doctor’s Degree in engineering, Cedron applied his technical expertise to the service of his sex drive. He experimented with robots, nano-bots, and sex-bots. He developed appliances, optimal devices that could mimic male orgasms and replicate the effect in living organisms. It worked: Cedron could feel the release of an orgasm without actually having one. His invention paved the path to a future of social acceptance and wealth.

Cedron founded “Tech-Kron A.I.” when he was twenty-nine. He discovered love and happiness, optimized by military contracts that generated great wealth. He still depended on designer drugs and robotic appliances. His work environment was a virtual laboratory where he experimented with hybrid sciences to develop new realities. He met Celia in the lab under the watchful eyes of Dr. Emeritus. The Doctor and his staff were Cedron’s alter egos, invented by Cedron to help with certain quantum entanglements that began to appear in research related to Project ANON, a government contract. The military wanted brains.  The idea was to computerize brains to serve as links between human intelligence and artificial intelligence. The ultimate goal was to develop self-aware drones. Cedron’s alter egos were templates, models that might indicate potential problems with Project ANON. Celia and Dr. Emeritus were well developed, completely believable individuals who seemed to have a life outside the laboratory. Cedron’s subconscious desires and fears inadvertently went into the programming of his virtual assistants. He began to spend more time in the laboratory with Dr. Emeritus and the ever more appealing Celia. Time began to hiccup, a side-effect of prolonged exposure to virtual reality. Cedron knew he was a young man working on an important project, but he also knew he was at the end of his life. He could see light at the end of a tunnel, the fruition of his lifelong quest… but it was just his imagination — there were no tunnels, no bright lights. His flash memory was beginning to deteriorate.

Cedron began to spend more time with Celia. She was very compliant, extremely intelligent, and without a doubt the most beautiful woman he’d ever met. She spoke softly, “The capillaries In the living brain can be maintained without deterioration within a matrix of cellular nanobots.” It was extremely exciting to be in her presence. He lost track of time. New worlds began to unfold that were not in the original lab scenario. Cedron began to spend hours and days in Celia’s loft overlooking the skyline of Manhattan. Whenever they were together celestial music played within an orbit of pastel light. They made love and it was the first time he had a true orgasm. He began to worry that she might become pregnant, then he remembered it wasn’t real. The ANON Project haltingly moved toward a final resolution. Cedron felt the years accumulate, shifting back and forth through time, but it wasn’t real. Celia became more compliant, acceding to his every wish, becoming more like a robot. Cedron was no longer happy. He was beginning to falter. Nothing was real anymore. He was unable to complete the ANON Project. His quest for identity was crumbling without resolve. He had to escape.

The pain would only last an instant and then his life would end. The knife would sever the jugular and he would bleed into eternity, but it was a horrible pain — a never ending pain.

Dr. Emeritus turned to his assistant, Celia, and smiled. The experiment was a success. Cedron’s brain was placed inside the ANON computer. The computerized brain was alive. “Let’s hope his last few minutes were happy,” The Doctor stated, “Because his brain will relive them for an eternity.”

Doctor web


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