His name was Tim and he was always fascinated by skin.  His father, Max Pimbrook, was a hunter and butcher who taught Tim the art of skinning prey.   Tim was a apt pupil who sat at his father’s knee while the man demonstrated various knives and tools of his craft.  When Tim was sixteen he had a girlfriend and he delighted in the sensual quality of her flawless skin, like an ocean of pure silk.  He craved her skin.  He felt his own skin was defective, pocked with tiny craters and blemishes, scarred from infected pimples.  His imagination exaggerated every flaw.  Tim remembered being beaten as a child by his dominating father.  The beatings set up a negative image of himself as someone who could never meet other people’s expectations.  He saw himself as a failure and he began to act like one.  His father was in fact a very gentle man who never laid a finger on his only son.  Tim’s imagination created the story of a beaten and abused child.  Eventually,  he began to believe it was true.  He needed to hide behind the lie in order to justify his abnormal thoughts and actions.   He was obsessed with skin.  His happiest moments were when he was in the workroom with his father dealing with newly killed prey, cutting skin from flesh.  He loved the feel of different skins and pelts knowing that the flesh beneath was always red and filled with blood.   When he was thirteen, he started hunting on his own — skinning animals and sometimes wearing the skin.  His girlfriend’s name was Melanie Fey and she liked Tim because he was dangerous.  She pretended to be a perfect little girl, but she thought of herself as slightly twisted.  On the outside she was  prim, stylish and attentive — on the inside she was an outlaw who loved Heavy Metal, tattoos and piercings.

When Tim was twelve he had a pet Gila Monster.  The animal had a seductive, multicolored skin.  He called the lizard, “Mook.”  The name just seemed to resonate.  Mook squirmed under Tim’s knife, a razor scalpel with serrated edges.   He didn’t bother to kill the lizard, he just wanted the skin.  It squirmed and bled and Tim began to regret not killing the animal before skinning.  His pet died slowly.  Tim loved the lizard’s skin — he could wear it like a mask.  A few days after he made the mask, the lizard got under his skin — it came alive inside the boy.  The Gila Monster was hungry for revenge.  Up to this time, Tim was just a curious child trying to understand a confusing world.  After killing the lizard, Tim hungered for more skin — he became more obsessed and invented lies to cover his tracks.  He could hear the lizard bubbling in his blood urging him on to more extreme acts of sadism.  He would hunt larger game and torture the animals for sport.  Tim  grew older and more perverse — hiding in his private workroom with the gruesome remains of his handiwork.  He never wanted to hurt his new girlfriend, but she had such flawless skin.

It was awkward the first time he had sex with Melanie – he was a virgin and he wasn’t responding with much excitement until he imagined living inside her skin; then everything came together and his passion exploded like a time bomb.  Tim was determined to show Melanie his workroom and the special prizes he kept there.  At first she was reluctant and thought her boyfriend was acting even stranger than usual; then she backed down and shyly accepted his invitation — after all, she reasoned, life was just too short to be curtailed by uncertainty.  She was a nonconformist and enjoyed a sense of danger.  Tim’s workroom proved to be more than she anticipated.  It was a charnel house filled with dead and dying animals — experiments in dissection and poorly executed taxedermy — sheets of skin hung on makeshift clotheslines.  Melanie fainted.

She awoke on top of a wooden operating table, tied down, with her skin partially flayed.  Tim was sitting on the floor crying and mumbling to himself.  He kept repeating, “no, no, no,” arguing with his inner lizard as if he was reluctant to kill the girl he loved.   Melanie was not feeling any pain — in fact, she felt incredibly powerful (her inner demons finally released).  She yelled at Tim, “Snap out of it you little fart!”  Where her flesh was exposed it glowed, iridescent green.  The ropes holding her to the table melted away.  Melanie stood over her boyfriend,  “Look at me you pathetic shit.  Have you ever seen green flesh and no blood?  I’m your worst nightmare.”  Tim was too horrified to respond.  His girlfriend, a living demon, attached her body to his skin like slime, devouring his flesh in a bath of acid.  She worked slowly letting Tim experience every excruciating moment.

Wall Mach


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