Peter sat next to the bed staring at his paramour.  His love was overwhelming.  He was a delicate young man who was in a state of constant arousal.  Peter was in therapy.  Dr. Guakka called the young man’s affliction “transference arousal” caused by imprinting that occurred when Peter was a teenager.  Rather than experience the guilt (and shame) associated with sexual feelings, Peter transferred his sexual associations to inanimate objects.  It was not the best solution … Peter imprinted on simple objects and furniture.  Everything caused sexual excitation and arousal.  Dr. Guakka thought of himself as a Supreme Being and he had a solution to Peter’s problem that involved another transference to a more acceptable object of affection.  What could be more acceptable than Guakka himself.  The therapy proceeded post haste and Peter found himself drawn inexplicably to the venerable doctor.  The final solution occurred in a rundown motel where Peter would consummate his new love for Dr. Guakka.  This was the end result of six months of intense therapy where the doctor would finally imprint himself onto the young man.  Guakka lay on the bed in front of Peter, completely revealed without clothes and without a human shell.  Peter was more smitten than ever.  It was a most improbable encounter.  Guakka was not a man, not even male … Guakka was a giant Catfish with chameleon abilities.  The drive to reproduce pushed the fish onto land in search of a mate.


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