Soul Suckers – Part 1

The Octagon was getting more powerful everyday infiltrating the Psychic Sensorium, mining for Information.  Samantha Lux came to the party with a Versace handbag loaded with anti-personnel weapons.  She was a gun for hire, but she had her principles – she refused to work for the soul suckers who financed The Octagon.   Samantha was drawn into the foray against her better judgement by Luke Fertig, her lover.  Luke was an innocent — he had no idea  Samantha was an anti-hero, hired gun, and anti-spy.  Likewise, he had no knowledge of the nefarious  Octagon, at least not until he was drawn into the organization’s web.  Luke was an adviser to Senator Russ Hadiggan, the Republican head of the Financial Services Committee.   Luke got his job by default … he really had no interest in politics, but the influential Senator had an unsavory interest in Luke and there was quite a lot of money involved.  Senator Hadiggan was a guest at several conferences sponsored by The Octagon and Luke joined the Senator as his special adviser.   With his customary vacuity, Luke slowly began to notice certain changes in the Senator’s mannerisms.  One welcome change was that the Senator no longer flirted with Luke — other changes were far more sinister.   The Senator lost his “joie de vivre” — he had always been rather carefree and good-natured which accounted for his public popularity.    He became a somber, dedicated plutocrat who towed an extremely conservative party line.   Luke took notice when the Senator started sponsoring bills that took rights away from individuals and gave them to corporations.   Many Congressmen & Women joined Hadiggan’s bandwagon and laws were passed to benefit Industry and cut back on personal freedoms.  The nation’s military was given new authority to institute police action in local communities.   The new laws gave precedents to Corporate America.   Even Luke, who was sometimes dense, became suspicious.   He began to question the Senator.  He surmised the Senator had become the proxy for The Octagon.   His suspicions led to anxiety.    Samantha noticed Luke’s uncharacteristic demeanor — Luke’s normal placidity was shattered by worry lines and thoughtful questioning.  She realized that Luke was thinking, an activity he usually avoided.  Samantha loved his body not his brain and with that realization she knew something was deeply wrong … and, then, Luke disappeared.

The government often used Samantha’s special skills.  Her reputation was well known in certain circles in Washington.   It wasn’t too difficult for her to get an appointment with Senator Hadiggan.  She wanted to know what he knew about her missing lover.  Hadiggan was evasive.  He refused to answer any but the most rudimentary questions.   When Samantha mentioned The Octagon, the Senator turned to stone … then, he accused Luke of dereliction of duty knowing full well the young man was missing or kidnapped.  Samantha knew The Octagon was an influential  lobbyist group responsible for changes in the law that allowed the permissive use of guns in public.  She liked guns and had nothing against that law, but found it peculiar that so many people (even the homeless) recently acquired guns without any public outcry.  She quickly realized that all the legal changes were sponsored by The Octagon.  She knew Luke was beginning to be a thorn in the side of the Senator and his allies at The Octagon.  She was determined to get Luke back — that mean’t discovering and disabling the power behind The Octagon.





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