Engine of Desire

Fionna was hopelessly in love with Commander Leach.  The Commander had his eye on a young techie named Sam.  Sam’s only passion was himself.  It was a hopeless situation fueled by unremitting desires that were particularly nasty.  The three players were part of a scientific team exploring a new world.  If they didn’t reign in their desires the hope for establishing a new habitat for humanity would be destroyed.  In recent years, Earth was decimated by over-population, wars, and famines.  The new planet promised to be a new beginning, but only if the members of the team could focus on the mission and subdue tensions and emotional firestorms.  The first job was to establish a base of operations that would become the center of a community made up of refugees from Earth.  The team had to explore the alien environment and assess possible threats to determine the viability of human survival.

Soon after touchdown, Fionna approached Commander Leach.  Her skin glistened like quicksilver in the purple twilight that streamed through the porthole in the Commander’s salon.  Pheromones wafted off  Fionna’s sensuous body like a cloud of frenzied gnats.  Leach hardly noticed.  He was drinking a very potent wine, celebrating the ship’s landing and also indulging in wild fantasies about Sam, the young technician.  Fionna was rebuffed and vowed vengeance.  Sam had no clue regarding the other shipmates.  He was dozing, in the midst of a dream – a very seductive dream about himself.  Lately,  Sam’s work had suffered.  He was driven to take time out from his demanding duties maintaining the navigation systems.  He needed rest.  The Commander gave him a pass.  In fact,  Sam was masturbating and dreaming about having a relationship with himself.  It was addictive.  The whole team was left hanging in a fog and no one knew how they made it to the new world without a navigator.  Nothing was working.

Computers were used to observe the team in their new surroundings.  Everything was documented.  Life-support was scrupulously regulated from the Operation’s Center.  Doctor Mingus Laire was the inventor who made it all possible.  He was the project’s Director.  So far the equipment worked flawlessly.  There was a lot at stake.  The mass consumption of energy on planet Earth was putting all life in danger.   Dr. Mingus invented a true perpetual-motion machine to solve the world’s energy crisis.  The machine was powered by strong human emotions.  Teams of explorers were tanked,  kept in a state of virtual reality, acting out scripts that provoked wild emotional conflicts.  The emotions that were generated could easily be converted into electricity to power the world.  Commander Leach, Fionna, and Sam never understood what was happening.  The people in teams around the world did not know they were ghosts in a machine that generated the energy to power the world.


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