Reality Game

Game on … trouble is, it’s never off.  Petroff discovered this the hard way as an art student at “The Academy.”  His major interest was the study of the “dot,” an historical overview and investigation into the derivation of the dot.  The artist, Jack Litsch, became infamous after he created a series of dots: one dot drawn or painted on a 36″ square of vellum and displayed on the wall.  There were twelve dots in the series.  Some dots were barely visible.  Litsch declared the Dot to be the essence of all art and creativity.  “Lines” he explained, “are an unnecessary embellishment detracting from the impact of the single dot.”   This started a revolution in contemporary art and life in general.   Petroff was intrigued.  He desperately wanted to decode the significance of the dot and discover the underpinnings of dot reality, but he got sidetracked.  In his single-minded approach to academic achievement (necessary if he ever wanted to get a decent job), Petroff injected himself with the newly synthesized drug “Strob-o-cene”  that was developed to boost intelligence (but not yet approved by the FDA).   Petroff gained access to the drug by chance when he overheard one of his professors discussing a recent experiment with “creative mice” conducted in the newly constructed lab at The Academy.  Art, in recent years, became a hybrid discipline — an offshoot of mathematics, physics, and chemistry.    Petroff stole a sample of Strobocene to push his brain to the limit so he could incisively investigate the dot.   Petroff was derailed and shaken to the core — the drug took him on an incredible journey.  He traveled to the Upper Jesus, a part of the brain recently discovered by cyber-surgeons in an effort to transplant consciousness  from a man to a turtle.  The Upper Jesus was the reason why the transplant failed … it was also the reason most people considered themselves “holier than thou.”   It proved to be a revelation for Petroff as he discovered the origin of the dot cradled within the Upper Jesus.  It led to a psychedelic Tarantella  (gasping hounds yapping at the heels of expatriates fleeing from the identity police).

Petroff died from an overdose of  Strobocene.  In the throes of death he decoded the significance of the dot — a sign of mechanical intelligence beyond human awareness — the first dot was the beginning — just before the “Big Bang.”  Over millennium, the dot divided and multiplied becoming code: zeroes and ones represented by dots — alien intelligence — background noise — static in the universe.   The dot underlies reality like pixels on a screen.

Petroff was shunted from the Upper Jesus to the Lower Nile where he was assigned to a group of Evangelical Parents.   They sheltered Petroff and taught him to be obedient.  Every night they prayed for Rapture.   It was the beginning of a new game.


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