A Rare Comment

I am angry over the issue of religious freedom.  I feel as though I’m living in some artist’s depiction of hell, a land ruled by mad men (in the belly of the beast).  I have nothing against another person’s belief system as long as it does not infringe on my general health and well being.  My tolerance ends when I’m threatened and physically harmed.  Political hacks are up in arms because religious institutions were supposed to provide contraception to their women employees.  This is a question of health, not religious freedom.  The health of women, the health of the general population should have more value than the superstitious dictates (supposedly the “word of god”) promoted by religion.  Bishops, Mullahs, Rabbis, and Priests have always avoided facts in order to satisfy faith – encouraging human sacrifice and subjugation in order to maintain control.  The Catholic Church forbade the results of scientific inquiry for generations.   Today, the church continues to promote primitive ritual and subterfuge, secrecy and denial.  They are against contraception … too often contraception is lumped with abortion (a totally separate issue) – why?  The belief hinges on the idea that God is in control – God plants the seeds of life.  Each seed is a precious and divine gift from god even if that gift were conceived in brutal rape – even if that seed causes the death of the mother or results in the most debilitating birth defects in the child.  Contraception is often viewed as abortion because it hinders God’s Plan of planting seeds.   This is total insanity – it goes against every observable condition and fact of life.  It is like asking everyone to jump off the edge of a cliff in order to satisfy some spirit in the sky.  People can believe what they want – they can devote themselves to a cult … but no one should cause harm or destruction in the name of that cult (or religion).  Priests should not hide behind the cloak of religious chastity in order to rape children.  Religious leaders should not require believers to blow themselves up as a sign of faith and an entrance into “heaven.”  Bishops are not  victims of religious intolerance when they are asked to provide health benefits to women.  Politicians who pontificate about religious freedom  are simply asking us to drink the Kool-aid and accept gross negligence and intolerance toward women.


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