The “Origin of  Species” was slam-dancing around my skull when I had a revelation that changed the direction of my life.  It also changed the world.  Oh yes, I’m that guy — I’m the one responsible.  If it wasn’t for the Chicken Man none of this would have happened.  The Chicken Man was an irritant and I was trying to discover how he evolved — hence my interest in the “Origin of Species” proposed by Charles Darwin.

I first met the Chicken Man in a Quonset Hut in the middle of the Amazon Jungle.  I was twelve years old, but precocious for my age.  At first he was just a shadow bathed in darkness without any true definition.  He sat in the corner like an Obeah Man.   Once aroused the Obeah Man stepped into the light and I went crackers — remember I was only twelve.  I was unable to control my tremors.  I shook so hard I awoke — yes, it was a nightmare — the first of many.  In time I discovered my assumptions about the man in my dreams were wrong … He was not a witch doctor — he was the Chicken Man.   For years I was plagued by nightmares that involved creatures like the Chicken Man.  They were incomprehensible and very disorienting.  Then, they stopped.  It was as though I was given a reprieve and allowed to live a normal life.  My parents were finally able to embrace me as their true offspring and not some off-shoot from a defective genetic strain.  After graduation I began working for a Wall Street firm, making money hand over fist reselling bad loans as bundled investments (we knew it was wrong, but who could resist the temptation of  extreme wealth).  The stage was set for the return of the Chicken Man in a flood of mind bending nightmares.   I was bombarded — falling off the edge of stable liquidity — dreaming night and day.  I was driven to distraction.  In my diminished capacity I tried to discover what was happening to my sanity.

The “Origin of Species” could not explain the anomaly.  A new theory was essential to explain the pecking order, the irrational fundamentalists, terrorists, greedy mongers, and political hacks.   How could I explain the changes in the structure of reality?  People were disentangling along with changes in familiar objects and buildings.  Shadows were growing into shapes with physical presence.   The Chicken Man came from the world of shadows.  I’ve blamed myself for bringing him into existence — but, perhaps I’m not totally responsible.   I was warned but did not understand the warning.  The Chicken Man thrives on hypocrisy and mind-numbing weakness:  the behavior of millions of people engaged in selfish pursuits, viciously pecking at one another to get an advantage.  Humans never evolved from intelligent apes –  people, homo-pullus, evolved from chickens.


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