The big game cannon-balled through the second half
Crossing the line of scrimmage head on
Like a locomotive speeding toward collision
“Up and atom – time to save the day”
The electronic device on Harvey’s desk
Squawked like Mighty Mouse
The clock was out of synch
Harvey was watching the game on TV
Trying to vanquish the residue in his head
Left over from the night before
Plagued by nightmares
They began when Harvey was eleven
Stopped at thirteen
Now forty-four    The dreams returned

The second half was launched by Sumo wrestlers
Pounding one another to mush
Concussive retaliation
Shock and awe
Hue and cry of politicians racing across the tundra
Dressed in jerseys waving flags
Clamoring for public attention

(Mighty Mouse sashays into the living room
To sit on the convertible sofa with Harvey
In front of the big screen TV
Dressed seductively and offering snacks:
Buffalo wings
Pork rinds slathered in barbecue sauce
Beer and vodka on a plastic serving-tray
Harvey’s nightmares distilled
The line of defense decimated
Another notice from the bank
Mighty Mouse puckers red ruby-lips
Grabs Harvey’s crotch)

When he was eleven he dreamt about the Dark
A living creature he could not fathom
The Dark nourished nightmares
Looping apparitions with huge open-mouths
Flickering at the edges of his eyes like wasps
Then     They stopped
At forty-four Harvey noticed shadows
Remnants of the Dark
Signs cast shadows
His computer with the voice of a cartoon mouse was a shadow
Pretending to be something else
Homeless veterans asking for change were filled with shadows
The game on TV was played by shadows
Consuming one another and growing darker
Closing in
Maws open wide
Ready to devour


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