“I’m having a psychedelic experience,” Yawk said to Toke.

“Crazy days, dog,” Toke replied – his head was surrounded by a bubble of methane gas.

The words burbled back and forth through the crystalline waters beneath the ice on the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa.  This event could be described as a Singularity, a particularly unique occurrence that never happened before and likely would never happen again.  Words were never spoken (or even conceived) on Europa.  The creatures involved in this highly unlikely dialogue were neither male or female … they were worm-like hermaphrodites who shared a common nervous system, but no brains.  They did not even have names, nevertheless,  they called themselves “Yawk” and “Toke.”  The creatures were linked by some sort of dream, a psychedelic residue left over from the Big Bang.  Yawk said, “It was a cool dream, dude — cooler than the ice-tides that nearly froze my ass off last year.”

“No way,” Toke responded.

Yawk wiggled with excitement, “I was this crazy bloke from the blue planet — a place I call Earth.  I was in love with this fancy bit of fluff called Esmeralda.”

“Fancy that,” Toke replied, “I remember the blue planet … and I remember being called Esmeralda.  You must be the ponce who licked my face and took me dancing.  You know I love to dance.”

Yawk yawned, ” I had another dream about you and I.  We were together tippling.  We got very delirious and started putting trash together — building some sort of monument.”

“We built the blue planet,” Toke exclaimed, “put it together from space junk.  To be honest, it really isn’t my cup of tea.  The place is too absurd …  How can any world be taken seriously with those impossible people-creatures dominating the whole planet and causing havoc.”

“Well,” said Yawk, “we can always scrap the place and start over!”


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