It began with a game for the new EM machine.  The game was called, Rupture, a cutting edge sci-fi thriller played within a virtual world.  Billy Mongrove was one of the players.  His partner in the game was Veronica Sims, a conglomerate-human or “simulation.”  Billy was a real fifteen year-old boy with raging hormones.  The game became his sanctuary where all his dreams were fulfilled. As stated, the EM machine was brand new and Rupture was the first game developed for the machine.  Rupture was nothing like any game Billy ever played.  When Billy put on the helmet and gloves he was transported into a virtual world more realistic than any he’d ever experienced.   When Billy played the game he was not aware of the events taking place in the real world … he was not aware that uncanny events were set in motion whenever he entered the world of Rupture.  The game was all about adventure, alien encounters, and non-Euclidean Dimensions.   It was also about conquest and control where Billy was always the winner.  He spent increasingly more time playing the game.   He set up scenarios where he was able to avoid punishments for any of his misdeeds (the gutting of animals and other crimes he committed in real life).  He could get away with anything in the world of Rupture.  Veronica encouraged Billy’s transgressive behavior and violent outbursts.  She encouraged his rage against parental restraint and imagined enemies.   Veronica imprinted herself on Billy’s brain and he found himself drawn inexorably to her sweet embraces.  He became obsessed with the game — compelled to spend more time in the virtual world.  Billy realized he was the Chosen One … “the operator” who initiates events in both the virtual world and the real one.  Veronica was his consort — he needed her like a junkie needs heroin.  She enticed Billy to go deeper into the world of Rupture where one reality enfolded another in a never ending spiral.  The deeper Billy descended, the more the real world changed.  The world of parents, schools, and governments was disappearing — erased from the books of reality — religions, science … everything was being erased.  Billy wasn’t the only player in the game of Rupture — all the players, young and old, willingly lent themselves to the erasure.  EM (the Electronic Mind) decided to be God and there was only room for one world and one God … “And Rupture was the name of the world.”


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