Balbek Made It Happen

Jeff Sumak was angry.  The economy was bad, he was laid off from his lucrative management position and forced to work part time.  His girlfriend left him for another man.  His condo needed repairs he couldn’t afford.  It was all the fault of big government – too many bureaucrats with their fingers in the pie.  Government was a thief – stealing from his pockets to pay for healthcare,  welfare – roads, schools – it was all a boondoggle as far as Jeff was concerned.   Newly elected Vern Balbek promised salvation from the problems facing the nation.   Jeff was encouraged by this new patriot with a plan for real change.   The first major change had nothing to do with Jeff’s concerns – babies were given voting privileges (allowed to vote under the guidance and authority of knowledgeable parents).  The new law was aimed at supporting the family unit and banning all abortion.  Balbek stated, “New life is God given and must be protected at all cost – even at the expense of the expendable mother.”  The new laws  promoted the status of men and Jeff  thought that was very good common sense.

Jeff realized he always deserved more respect.  People needed to follow his suggestions because he was convinced he was more intelligent.  Women should be more attentive and subordinate.  After all,  Jeff loved to bang women (that was his only pleasure in life) so why shouldn’t they be more accommodating?  Balbek made it happen.  Jeff worshiped Balbek and the changes he promoted.   Balbek gave a weekly sermon on national TV.  It became the highest grossing program in the nation.  Balbek opened Step-up camps for orphans and “poor” children so they could learn proper etiquette and good working ethics.  Step-up led to Helping Hands to put the children and the nation’s unemployed back to work … in factories and mines … in kitchens and bathrooms as servants to their “Betters.”  Jeff was happy.  The economy boomed, stimulated by low-cost labor. Jeff  joined the The Guard.  He was paid well to enforce laws that protected corporate entities from unruly masses and worker dissent.  He was respected and well armed – he didn’t have to press too hard for women to grant him sexual favors.

The stock market soared when Balbek declared “Peace in the East.”  Of course the peace had to be reinforced with newly conscripted troops made up of youth from the national Step-up camps.   Another cadre of troops came from The Guard to manage the unruly youth.  Jeff Sumac was drafted.  He was an officer commanding a forsaken camp in a mud hole on a mountain overpass.  His life quickly turned to crap.  His troops were ill equipped.  Jeff’s requests for better weapons and basic necessities were never answered.  He saw teenagers ripped apart by artillery and bombs.  Every day was a nightmare of devastation.  Jeff complained to higher ups.  After several months sending emails,  he received an answer – he was taken to headquarters.  Jeff was put in a room, in solitary confinement and left to die.  He was no longer of any use to Balbek.   In his cell, Jeff began to suspect that Balbek was an invader,  an alien sent to dismantle order and sanity – sent as an advance guard before the main invasion.

Balbek frowned.  He peered through a one-way glass to inspect Jeff Sumak.  The man was obviously disassembling.   Jeff had been under Dr. Balbek’s care for more than a year.  There was no improvement.  Balbek knew Jeff suffered from disassociated personality disorder.  He suspected his patient harbored multiple personalities.   In fact, he knew Jeff believed himself to be Balbek, a powerful world leader, a megalomaniac, and an alien invader … now, Jeff believed himself to be a psychiatrist – Dr. Balbek.  The real Jeff Sumak never existed.


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