New Day

In a world where people are often cruel, Audrey Bramble was a really nice person.   She loved animals and helped the homeless.  Audrey managed a small start-up company that produced cell-phone apps to make the world a friendlier place.   She loved Max, her live-in boyfriend of three years.   It all changed with the dawn of the New Day.  Idealogues promised change and an improved economy.  New Day politicos were elected to stop big government and restore family values.   In less than four years, the country was dramatically changed.  Libertarian ideas were used to cut back on all expenditures except for the military.  Schools lost teachers and the buildings became homeless shelters.  Police and fire departments were underfunded.  The country’s infrastructure deteriorated.  There were no environmental standards and no grants for new technologies.  Evangelical ideas were used to reverse Roe V. Wade and women’s rights.   Gays no longer had “special” rights.  They were secondary citizens who could only be employed as assistants to New Day designers who promoted the “missionary” position and an “Enclave” lifestyle.   Corporations brought some order to the situation, taking control of all service industries, education, security … even the Pentagon.   Soldiers were used to cut down on crime and control the nation’s bedrooms.  Corporations were viewed as persons with rights.  Money was king.  At first, Audrey was not affected.  Her small company made a profit.  Government lobbyists  paid Audrey to create new apps to help unify a disparate public.  She went along at first – after all, unification seemed reasonable.  Audrey became suspicious once her personal life became the focus of an investigation.   She received calls from lawyers and gov. ministers advising her to marry her boyfriend.  Advice became pressure.  She became pregnant and was forced to leave her company.  Her boyfriend was arrested – something to do with unmarried cohabitation.   Audrey was taken to the Benevolent Sisters Clinic where she could be observed and indoctrinated.   The Mentoc Corporation wanted ownership of Audrey’s company and arranged for her incarceration.  Mentoc had hooks into several influential politicians and religious leaders – millions in gold was paid in order to attain special favors.  Mentoc Corporation had a plan that depended on the use of Audrey’s patents and applications.  Mentoc was giving the world a New Day.  The Quick Response Matrix was the key – Audrey’s symbol for unification – her simple phone app could be altered to send commands to the human brain.  In time, the app would be stamped on every newborn’s forehead.  Mentoc would take possession of every human brain … and they would all sing, “Oh happy day.”


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