Bargains Galore

Power Man sprang a leak.  It never happened before.  The season was raining down on everyone: holiday feasting, shopping extravaganzas, exploding shows on TV; and it was all capped off with the madness of politics.  It was a special time and No Time to spring a leak.  Power Man had an important position – he maintained order and the “creed of indulgence.”  Whenever there was a tussle in the supermarket, Power Man was called to inject a calming attitude and a “buying”  compulsion.  When there were potential riots Power Man was called to channel the energy into a friendly “shopping mode.”   The holiday season was his busiest time.  Black Friday started early, at the end of July … and continued  past the Ides of March just before the Summer Sun Festival that lasted until the next Black Friday.  It was a long, relentless period when each day might break out into full scale Bargain Wars.  Power Man promoted peaceful matriculation into the sales arenas of Big Box Stores.  It was a corporate game and Power was king.  Power could make or break an individual, city, or nation depending on the corporate structures that maintained control.  Power Man was a corporate henchman.  He made an excellent salary because he was the best at tamping down discontent and promoting greed as the antidote to anger and depression.  Greed was what made the nation great.  Even the poorest individuals (who might be starving) had a chance for a better life due to the Power of Greed.  Power Man believed the creed – his trusted parrot, Max, kept him informed on all constitutional revisions and Supreme Court decisions.   His life was a Banker’s Holiday – everything was under his control – until he sprang a leak.  His charisma was evaporating.  His mojo was fraying at the edges.  Greed for new products and toys no longer lifted his spirits.   When he was called to squelch a consumer riot, Power Man was ineffective.  He was inadvertently drawn into a demonstration against Greed.  He became a sympathizer.  Max flew away in disgust.  Power Man did not have the energy to stop the leak.  When he was called before the Board of Directors, he was a shadow of his former self.  The board offered bribes and gifts – none of the Directors wanted to lose a valued asset, but Power Man declined the offers.  With his last breath he mustered some of his former Power.  He blew hard and the wind he created creased the shriveled souls of the Board Members.  When Power Man was finally shuffled aside, the Board of Directors began to experience a new and disturbing sensation: self doubt.  It was the beginning.  The corporate structure sprang a leak that couldn’t be fixed.



  1. maxrandolph

    Your short shorts are spring-loaded. Concentrations of world-altering ideologies dramatically—but never melodramatically-—presented. Little blood—what would you do w/ blood?—but plenty of creative rage, though reined in, so not strident. In “Chien D’Andalou,” Bunuel has a scene where an eyeball is sliced with a razor. A good metaphor, perhaps, for the refreshing (and bloodless) rawness of these little tales—which are themselves slices of the great eyeball that watches over all—and that sometimes we ourselves see with.


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