Toy Story

All the toys had thoughts of murder.  When he was a child Thomas loved his toys:  soldiers, plush bears, trucks, and puppets.  They were his best friends.   When he started high school he was bullied because he carried his favorite teddy bear wherever he went.   He was called vicious names, hounded, and battered by the other students.  No one wanted to be his friend.  Even his parents ridiculed him.  Since the time he was ten they never wanted him to play with toys.   Finally, out of desperation, Thomas left his toys behind.  He learned to adapt.  He excelled in his classes and joined the baseball team.  Thomas made an effort to become popular: he befriended the high school jocks (who once were his bullies), and he dated the prettiest girls.   He succeeded, went to college, married and fathered two adorable cherubs who he spoiled with lots of toys.  Thomas never really left his toys behind – he made a fortune designing and manufacturing sophisticated, electronic dolls.  Sometimes his fascination with the toys he designed cost him time and money – he would get lost playing for hours like a small child.  He paid a terrible cost on the night he was supposed to drive his family to the airport.  The children were planning to visit their grandparents.  Thomas forgot and the family took a cab.  The accident stole his wife and children – no one survived.   Thomas was grief stricken and hysterical.   He blamed a cold and unforgiving world for his loss.   He wanted revenge and that’s when the toys began to have thoughts of murder.   Thomas designed and built them – they were intelligent and vicious.  They carried weapons:  tiny guns, poison needles, and electric knives.  The dolls and stuffed bears looked innocent and sweet, the toy soldiers looked patriotic, and the clowns simply looked demonic.  Even adults enjoyed some of the more outlandish dolls.  Needless to say, they were extremely popular – partly because they were so cheap (selling below cost so everyone could afford them).  Thomas merely had to flip a switch and all the dolls would receive a signal to put their evil thoughts into action.  One doll was the prototype he built before his life changed.  It was a replica of the bear he used to carry around – his favorite toy.  The bear was unable to think or act, but it cried when Thomas flipped the switch.


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