Just as predicted, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement quickly gained support. Protests erupted across the world at a time when the global economy was in dire straits.  The U.S. was downgraded, Greece was falling down, Italy and Spain were teetering on the edge, etc.   Dylan Framm was a student at Columbia University.  He had a major in both Science and Literature.  He began living in the park with other protesters, but  he started having problems brought about by strange dreams.  He was told he walked and talked in his sleep as if he were possessed.  Dylan recalled a noxious, purple glow that permeated his sleep like something from a story by H. P. Lovecraft.  His dreams began to intrude into his daily life.  Shadows penetrated his mind.  Dylan had a vision of  Ignatius Nobble, a powerful C.E.O. who was often called the “head” of corporate America.  Nobble was explaining the tactics of occupation.  In the dream he was relaxed and confident, a gray man who resonated with powerful energy.  He spoke like a TV news anchor.  Nobble stated it was easy to increase the levels of discontent in the world, “A few well placed anarchists will fuel the flames of anger.  No one can maintain peaceful demonstrations for very long.  The protesters will riot, banks will close their doors, and economies will collapse … then, in the wake of 2012 we will gain total control.  CEOs and bankers will become kings merely by promising a return to order.  The discontented have occupied Wall Street, but we will occupy their minds.  It has all been planned.  Greedy men will do anything to increase their wealth and power.”  Nobble smiled as he inserted himself into Dylan’s brain, “But, dear boy … this is just the beginning.  My plan is to open the doorway to the ‘Old Ones’ and they will plunge the world into eternal Hell.”



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