Eldon lived through the earthquake, tsunami, and street riots, but he wasn’t sure he could make it through the next five minutes.  He was facing Doctor Edward Bowel, his supervisor and nominal master at Times Two, Inc.  Dr. Ed was always complaining, but this time Eldon was in real trouble.  On his last Times Two Temporal Dislocation Eldon left something behind … that mean’t all of history could be changed.  Simply leaving a flashlight somewhere, say in ancient China, would erase history as we know it because the Chinese would likely learn the secrets behind a battery operated light.  In that event, Chinese Culture would dominate the world, leading the way in technological development.  Of course, this is pure conjecture.  Leaving a flashlight might have entirely different consequences and that’s the problem with Time Travel … no one really knows how the time stream can be disrupted resulting in dramatic historical changes. Doctor Ed stared …  he was definitely aware that something was terribly wrong … and most important, he was aware that Eldon was the cause of the problem.   On his last trip, Eldon misplaced an unopened candy bar.  He was visiting ancient Rome.  The slave who found the item figured out how to reproduce the candy and copy the package design … introducing Pop Art to First Century Rome.   Unfortunate repercussions were just now beginning to appear. Before anything could be done to halt the debacle Eldon had to face his supervisor.  Doctor Ed was stone faced – an appearance he assumed only when he wanted to kill someone.  Eldon knew the doctor had a gun in his desk drawer and it wasn’t illegal for a time traveler to be eliminated during a temporal emergency.   Eldon was transfixed by the doctor’s nervous tick.  He was in deep trouble.  It was common knowledge that Doctor Ed Bowel was psychotic, an unfortunate consequence that resulted from working too long on the device that made time travel possible.  Eldon watched as the doctor opened his desk to retrieve the loaded weapon.  As Eldon faced his immanent demise, time caught up with itself and everything changed.  Everything literally “popped.”  People were suddenly wearing crazy togas in bright florescent colors with flashing slogans.  Little Eldonis  was in the cafeterium staring at chocalate-covered food and everyone was as fat as a Ceasar.   The Rector of the schoolarium was Edwardicus Bowel.  Eldonis  pulled himself together with vague memories of the world he lost.  At least he wasn’t facing a loaded weapon, but he still had to face Edwardicus Bowel … and time was running out.


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