Deep Dreaming

Margo Lautner knew she was dreaming and it was a “deep dream.”  She didn’t know how deep the dream went.  To awake she needed to climb several layers to get back to the surface.  Margo found herself surrounded by a dilapidated building.  She realized it was an old orphanage and she was a little girl.  Margo couldn’t remember if this dream was based in reality.  She tried to recall if she was ever an orphan.  The dream wouldn’t oblige – it swept over Margo like a tsunami and carried her into another world.  She woke to the sound of a clattering computer clock.  She was naked and she had a penis – Margo was a man.  At first this was very disorienting, then she remembered her name was really Martin – “Margo” was  just a dream.  Martin was a handsome young man who recently graduated from college.  He worked as a newly hired lawyer.  He owned a great condo in downtown Los Angeles.  Martin was enjoying life – but, once again, the dream wiped him out.  He found himself in an alley.  His name was still Martin, but he was dressed like a character from a low budget movie and he was terrified – he had just murdered the woman he loved.  Before the tragedy of the situation could sink in, the dream changed.  He was looking at himself in the mirror and this time he knew he was really awake.  He saw an old man and he knew he was losing his mind.  A moment ago he had just graduated from college, now he was eighty years old.  He couldn’t remember what happened in between.  He didn’t know if he’d ever been an orphan or a woman who had a sex change operation.  He didn’t  know if he was ever a lawyer … or a murderer.  All he knew was that he was old and everyday his life seemed to shrink.  The dreams were his only escape – and the only clues to his previous life.


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