Whose Brain?

“Whose brain is it anyway?” The question flip-flopped around Ursey’s head like a ball in a “Bingo” basket.  Ursey was an It, male and female with two anuses.  It could have been described as a giant maggot, at least that’s what the reflection in the mirror portrayed.  All this was new to Ursey because once It was entirely different.  Ursey used to be a normal suburbanite named Hal.  Hal had all the requisite suburban components: wife, car, kids, house, etc.   He had no complaints.  Hal was never bothered by doubts or disturbing questions about the meaning of life and death.  He was content with his lot and didn’t concern himself with politics or government, but after the last election real changes were set in motion.  The Brain Trust, led by corporate entities, took control.  People were sold off and replaced with mutant surrogates.  “No, no,” Ursey moaned, “it never happened.”  Ursey’s brain was acting up again – planting messages in the mind that had no basis in reality …  It was never a “human” suburbanite – the giant maggot knew there was no reality in the “Hal” scenario.  The creature suspected the fabrication was based on information from another dimension. Ursey was convinced there were other worlds, other dimensions.   It had always been a giant maggot and had no complaints.  The creature enjoyed living underground digging up metals and minerals to be used in factories around the world.  Ursey was the perfect worker – the more It dug the better It felt.  The machines in the factories also had no complaints.   The machines churned out products to be used by wealthy entities, the owners and rulers of the new world government.


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