Time Out

He was known as Jonathan when he was younger, but now he preferred John.  He earned a PhD in particle physics, but he never pursued a career in science.  At one time Johnathan had aspirations of becoming an artist, using his body as the canvas.  His life was short-circuited when he became fascinated with the concept of time.  He believed time was simply a formula to indicate change or transformation.  He broke the formula down and concluded that the last 15 minutes of any event were all that really mattered.  Everything could be broken down to the last 15 minutes.  A whole life could be collapsed to the last 15 minutes.   He became obsessed with compacting all of  time to those last minutes.  He devised experiments to foreshorten time.  He recalled the last 15 minutes after the planes struck the towers on 9/11.  He thought about his ex-wife, Sharon … her last 15 minutes on the operating table after she decided to become a man.   John’s whole life could be reduced to fleeting points resulting from some change or transformation.   The essence was all that really mattered, the rest was simply filler.  His experiments were finally resulting in substantial information.   John’s time capsule was ready.  It shimmered like a silver chrysalis.  He entered the machine and set the clocks.   The last 15 minutes were all that mattered.


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