Life’s Ambitions

You never know when things are going to pick up and just walk away.  That was the situation Maddox West found himself experiencing time and again.  In this case, “things” referred to life in general and in particular to the aforementioned life of Maddox West.  Life takes on an aura of doubt and confusion when it has a tendency to walk away without so much as a “sorry” or “thanks, but no thanks.” Maddox was always at a loss — never able to explain himself or his place in the world.  Oddly, his name never abandoned him, unfortunately “Maddox” was not a name he would ever have chosen for himself.  It sounded snobbish which was the one thing he could never be because he had no life to flaunt in other people’s faces.  His memory was fine, but what good was a memory if there was nothing consistent to remember.  Once Maddox was a good student at a reputable university, but that life disappeared as if on a whim.  Maddox remembered another life with his mom and dad, but they walked away and he never heard from them again.  He had a life with a wife, job, and new home … but she walked away along with the job and new home.  Everything just up and left leaving Maddox with no life whatsoever.   When life left, Maddox existed in a kind of limbo.  It seemed like years passed before another life snagged Maddox and rode him like a pony until the ride became too difficult for life to hang on.   Life never seemed to take a sincere interest in Maddox so he decided not to take an interest in life.  He began to enjoy his hiatuses in limbo.  When some new life ambled by looking for a ride, Maddox waved it away.  He languished in the gray miasma that only a lifeless limbo could provide.  He was becoming invisible in the world of the living, like a shadow or ghost.  His lack of interest in life had an unexpected result: Maddox was pursued, stalked by a recalcitrant and wayward life.  The new life was ablaze with uninhibited ambition.  It would not be turned away.  Maddox was caught, bent to the force of a life without restraint.  Back in the world of the living, Maddox pursued power, always in the throes of ambition and greed.    He was finally tamed, his will broken by the life that rode him.  This life would never walk away.  This life rode Maddox to the grave and beyond.


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