Harry’s Friend

It seemed to Harry Ort that something stood in his way.  Something always prevented him from accomplishing what he set out to do.  As a child he deeply wanted to excel in school, but he was called a nerd and bullied.  He tried to avoid school after that, playing at being a truant.  Nadine, his first love, wanted to have sex, but Harry knew he was gay so it was useless.  He stumbled through life without any interests or passions.  It wasn’t until he met Mr. Moto that Harry’s life began to change.  Moto was a genius who happened to be a conman.  He took Harry under his opportunist wing.  Mr. Moto convinced Harry he was his best friend even as he conned Harry out of his money and home.  Moto was a big man who intimidated Harry who was slight and thin.  Before meeting Mr. Moto his life was far better off, but every time they were together Harry was hypnotized into believing he had a great time and wanted more.  There was always a big price to pay that Harry couldn’t really afford.  Trouble began to accumulate, one incident after another: simple traffic tickets escalated to charges of public indecency – and Harry was always blamed – somehow Mr. Moto was never held responsible even though it was his instigation that caused the problems.   Street fights and bar fights caused by Moto were always blamed on Harry and he was often badly battered.  After ending up in the emergency room with a concussion Harry began to see the truth and he bravely told Mr. Moto never to call again, but the big man would not hear of such a thing and he began to hound Harry.  He was everywhere, lurking behind lamp posts and hiding just out of sight – driving Harry crazy.   Harry barricaded himself in his small room in a flea bag hotel.  He only went out late at night to get food at the corner liquor store.  Even so he could feel Mr. Moto’s eyes burning into him (even in the confines of his room).   He needed to get rid of the man, cancel him out – but something always got in the way.  Finally, Harry constructed what he believed to be a fool proof plan.  He would invite Mr. Moto to his room for a drink.  He bought a bottle of bourbon for the occasion.  He would open the bottle fresh for Mr. Moto concealing the fact that he had injected the drink with a deadly mix of poisons.   He used a hypodermic needle to infuse the poison.   Harry would drink a beer while Moto always preferred his bourbon.   Mr. Moto was his usual gregarious self – buoyant with Bon Ami.  He was more than happy to accept a drink from Harry.  He didn’t seem to have any doubts or concerns.  The poison acted quickly.  In the morning, Harry’s body was discovered.  No one had ever seen Mr. Moto – the big man only existed in Harry’s mind.


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