Murder and Mayhem

Most individuals, particularly scientists, were intrigued by the case of Anders Behring Breivik and the crimes he committed.  Anders was well educated and prosperous.  He had some extreme conservative views, but nothing that should cause a man to commit mass murder.    Everyday it appeared that more terrorism and extermination was planned and executed.   These events accelerated around the world  since 9/11.  Doctor Alexander Turnball led the team that discovered the root cause of the mass murder events.   The investigation played havoc in Turnball’s life.  His wife became distressed with the Doctor’s obsessive-compulsive behavior in his search for the truth.  The question that most concerned him was why  “psychotic behavior” was now accepted as “normal but extreme.”   His team studied hundreds of cases and discovered a connection between current events and the rise of Nazism in the past.  They correctly deduced that the mass-murder syndrome began long before 9/11, however the acceptance of these events and the increase in numbers was a new phenomenon.

The team of scientists discovered certain factors that might be involved in generating the rise of terrorism and mass murder.   They deduced that extreme ideologies played a role in the lives of many individuals who felt unappreciated, economically depressed or simply narcissistic.  Doctor Turnball knew it was the wrong answer — he knew there was a simpler explanation that could be scientifically proven.  He berated his team.  The Doctor was uncharacteristically furious.  He started having headaches as he pushed himself and his team to work harder.  His efforts finally paid off. Turnball discovered the cause.   Police found the bodies of the scientists scattered like meat in a butcher shop.  Doctor Turnball was still alive, gibbering to himself in a corner behind the mainframe computer.  No one knew what happened.  It was assumed the Doctor was responsible.   Turnball was studying the human genome when he found the truth.  It was a virus, cleverly inserted — a virus that turned people into mass-murder machines. Turnball didn’t know how the virus was triggered or how it was inserted into human DNA, but from the beginning of history there were many outbreaks of the syndrome.   He wasn’t responsible for the team’s murders — they merely attacked one another.  Turnball knew no one would believe him so he feigned madness.



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