Time to Eat

The cell phone screamed at Thomas.  The phone was very insistent.  He flipped the lid and punched the button.  The voice on the other end reminded Thomas that he was very hungry.  It was a seamy voice that oozed through the phone like a worm crawling toward the center of Thomas’s brain turning him into a quivering pustule of insatiable hunger.  He was desperate and nothing else mattered –  it was time to eat!  Thomas was being paid to be a test subject in an experimental program.  He was told the program aimed to discover the motivational triggers in the brain.  Doctor Lazarus Klein was the head of the experiment and when he saw Thomas another idea tweaked his subconscious drive to make some changes.   Thomas was a small man with a sweet smile.  The Doctor assumed Thomas could easily be controlled.   The scientist knew enough about motivational triggers to make Thomas a guinea pig.   He wanted to control Thomas and turn him into a “consumption machine” — if his control triggers worked they would be worth billions to corporations hawking their goods and services.

Doctor Klein used mind control techniques along with a “Mesmer Machine” to plant urges in the young man’s mind.  Key words triggered certain desired behaviors.   Klein observed the subject through a two-way mirror in the next room.  Thomas became agitated and started to roar like a starving beast.  The desired result was to make Thomas beg for McDonald’s burgers and Kentucky Fried Chicken.   The Doctor wanted Thomas to be helpless and totally open to the suggestion to purchase and consume fast food, even though he was a committed vegetarian.    If his method succeeded Doctor Klein would make billions and be able to turn desired subjects into total slaves, but it appeared that Thomas was too agitated – and then the young man ate his cell phone. The Doctor was mortified when Thomas crashed through the two-way mirror. He had become a ravaging werewolf  or so it seemed to the frightened scientist.  Thomas was very hungry as he approached Doctor Klein.  Hungrier than he’d ever been; however, the young man’s hunger would soon be well satisfied.


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