Pretty Things

Carl was fascinated by pretty things.   The more something sparkled the more Carl was intrigued.  He loved jewelry, gold, and silver.   He loved Samantha, his very attractive wife.  She shined like a precious gem – all glittery.   Carl could gaze at Samantha for hours, for days.   He never touched her because he respected her limits and she could not bare being touched.   Carl knew Samantha was germ phobic and human beings swarmed with germs.  Of course Samantha was pure and germ free.   The couple had a strange, but very pretty, relationship.  Carl loved to purchase shiny baubles for Samantha.   She never put them near her precious body until they were boiled, scrubbed, and sanitized.  Carl was deeply in love with her.  She was so pretty.   His love deepened and Carl began to experience new feelings of desire and longing.   He became obsessed with touching Samantha, holding her and consummating their relationship.  She said to wait, but Carl couldn’t stop himself.   He was inflamed with desire.   He began to hear an eerie music that compelled him to possess Samantha and all the pretty things.   At night he saw lovely lights dancing around his beautiful wife.   The lights seemed to pour off her body like spheres of gleaming energy.  Every night the experience was more intense. Every night Samantha was covered in pretty things.   Samantha told Carl to stay away – he could not come closer than ten feet, but it was an impossible condition.   Carl was weak.   The music pushed him closer.   He was attracted to the pretty spheres of light surrounding his exquisite wife.  As he moved closer the pretty things reached out to Carl.   Lights glinted off shiny surfaces.   Carl could discern a silver vortex.  Everything was so pretty.   Even the horns were pretty … even the spikes and thorns.  The music was the sound of  teeth grinding and chewing … and even that was pretty.


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