The End War

Apparently I’m insane.  I’ve always known something was wrong.   As a child my best friend was invisible to everyone but me.   He taught me a great deal about the world I was born into.   When I reached puberty he became a substitute for the love I never received from my parents.   I drifted into a coma where we could be together in our own world.   The doctors tried everything to wake me.   As I now understand the situation, my parents insisted I must be “normal” in order to continue the family name.  The doctors shot me with experimental drugs, immersed me in freezing water, and convulsed me with electricity.  I was finally dragged from my ideal world and reborn.  My parents insisted it was a miracle granted by God.  I know better.   It was a trick of the light, a quantum entanglement.   My friend, the best part of myself, was erased – never to return.  I was adrift in this world, pretending to be “normal.”   I barely graduated from college – my grades were not the best.   My parents spread stories about my scholarly achievements (all lies).   I proceeded to get a job as a dishwasher – it was all I could handle.   Of course when asked, my parents claimed I was an attorney.   They set me up on dates, hoping against hope that I would marry.   When anyone discovered I was a low life dishwasher my relationship quickly ended.   To stay sane, I took drugs and went to raves to dance the demons out of my head.   I loved drugs – especially psychedelics. When the Rapture came, I was prepared.   It did not arrive in 2011 as predicted … the Rapture came in 1975.  I’ve been living in “Hell on Earth” ever since.   I’m the only one who knows the truth – the Apocalypse is now.  History ended in 1975.   The people who were Raptured have been forgotten – parents, friends, and lovers have been erased from our minds.   They’ve all been taken to another world (Heaven?).   Reality has been replaced by Virtuality (computer graphics and 3D illusions).   The End War has been raging continuously since 1975, the year that Time stopped.  I can see phantoms of the war: Jesus dressed in armor lopping off heads – demons with bazookas — The plain of Megiddo swimming in blood.   Ruptures appear everywhere … facades and illusions are crumbling.  The world is broken.  The End has already happened.


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