A Familiar Life

Franklin Nohe couldn’t turn the corner.  He was paralyzed with fear, held firmly in place.  He knew there was something lurking around the bend.   His life up to this moment was uneventful.  He was a broker.   He managed to avoid the highs and lows of the derivatives debacle.   He avoided the loses incurred in the housing bubble.   All was well with his family, although his wife constantly bickered and his son was always high on grass.   Franklin’s mother complained about imaginary illnesses and the ravages of old age.  He was considered a “wimp” at his firm because he rarely took risks.   It wasn’t the best life, but it was consistent.   He could depend on the same setbacks day after day.  Franklin needed consistency.   The bend in the road was unexpected and that terrified him.  An accrescence seeped around the corner and beckoned to Franklin.   Other people on the street didn’t seem to notice anything unusual.   They simply walked around Franklin on their own personal journeys.   Nothing happened when people turned the corner, but that didn’t lessen Franklin’s fear,  still he was determined to set himself free and take a step forward.   He moved as if he were pushing against a huge boulder, slowly and painfully, but he finally made it to the corner and could see into the necrotic light that called to him.  He saw himself, but he was different.  Clownish makeup was smeared on his face and he wore a dress. The men he cavorted with were cheerful and very gay.  It was a nightmare. Franklin closed his eyes and lost consciousness.  When he awoke he was relieved.  It was over and his life could return to normal.   He washed the make-up off his face and put away the clothes he wore to the drag party.   He wondered how anyone would want to live like the other Franklin, the one in his dream with a familiar life.


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