Dorothy was wrestling the beast, again.  It was not a fair fight.   Dorothy was petite and the beast was obese, an immense armor-plated hulk with an arsenal of weapons.   The only weapons Dorothy possessed were her hands and body.  There were no rules.   The fight had been ongoing for years. Dorothy always managed to trick the beast into submission, but this time the fight was different.  This time, the beast had help: a demon from another world who was extremely smart and could not be tricked.   Dorothy used all her guile to escape the beast’s wrath.   The demon was like grease lightning – able to see through Dorothy’s trickery.  The beast was able to wrap huge, bulging arms around the diminutive Dorothy.  She squirmed to no avail.  The beast’s hug was all consuming.   Waves of love emanated from the giant hulk – love for Dorothy.  She had no defense against love.   Dorothy was truly vanquished.  She relented and gave herself willingly to the beast.   The Psychotherapist who monitored the battle smiled.   This was a successful integration.  Dorothy and her beast could finally live together in peace.


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