Program TEN from “Alien Journal”

The movie was entitled, “Program Number Ten.”   It was part of David’s training.  He was discovering his authentic self.

The movie spilled color across the walls and floor.  Music got up and danced, “Boogie, boogie down, baby.”  The Marx Brothers jumped off the screen. Kingdom-come embraced May-hem.   David’s brain became an illusion — he was alone in a room that existed in a clock.  The red second-hand stopped. Time melted on a shelf.   He was caught between the hour and the minute.  His brain erupted in flames that caused an explosion.   A junk man picked up the pieces and stuffed them in a canvas sack.   Inside the bag, David was greeted by the boy with silver eyes who talked like a bird.  He whispered a prayer in David’s ear.  They made love.  Silver eyes splashed like confetti.   The movie crawled back into the screen.

He was entranced.  Teth’s naked body glistened like polished bronze.  Her body felt like liquid slipping from hard to soft.   David’s blood was charged with urgency.  It was easy — like resting on the back of a giant Condor — floating — sailing on the wind — slipping from hard to soft, simply enjoying the pleasure.

Program Ten spoke from the screen, “So much human effort is wasted on suffering. Laughter is a better alternative.”

David watched the movie blast-off with a flourish of activity.  The Adepts were creating a circus-tent from red-flannel rags.  David painted clowns and elephants on the walls of the tent.  The Adepts were new world crusaders panhandling for Paradise.  They planted seeds of dissent and baptized people in pure Light, Enlightenment.   Circles were formed to heal the planet.  Images swam across the movie screen.  The Earth Chrysalis was waxing in silver radiance, protecting the life within.


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