Nasty Messages

Lazlow Hornbath was receiving nasty messages.   He received them in his email – he received them in his head.   They were written on the walls of his cubicle – they were written on faces of people in the street.   Bad messages. Lazlow was an artist.  He worked for an Ad Agency creating cartoons to sell products.   His latest cartoon was a friendly bug who sold “happy pills” to parents with unhappy children.   The pills were for the kids to calm them down and keep them quiet so mom and dad could be happy.   The Agency loved Lazlow’s bug because it sold loads of drugs and made everyone happy as well as rich.  Even Lazlow was happy until he was overwhelmed with messages.   “You must submit,” “you must die,” was written on his computer, on his wall, and on his skin.   Lazlow’s friends avoided him when he started mumbling.  The messages came out of his mouth.  It was disturbing.   He saw a doctor at the Agency who was very soft and soothing.  The doctor told Lazlow that the messages came from his subconscious.   “Nothing to worry about,” said the doctor and gave Lazlow some pretty, colored pills.   Lazlow ate the pills like candy and became happy.  He kept seeing the nice doctor.  Lazlow wasn’t surprised when the doctor began to change.   It was fun to submit even when the doctor morphed into the friendly cartoon bug.  Lazlow didn’t complain even when the bug became menacing.   It was over very quickly when the doctor-bug bit off Lazlow’s head.


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